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May 7 – World Laughter Day – Why We Should Celebrate It

World Laughter Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday of May, with the aim of promoting the value of laughing and the benefits it brings to people’s physical and mental health.

The World Laughter Day was established in 1998 by the Indian doctor Madan Kataria, founder of the Laughter Yoga movement, which aims to spread the practice of laughing as a therapeutic tool.

The benefits of laughter

Has anyone who loves you, or anyone you know made you laugh at a time when you were angry, or sad? Humor chases away the clouds and restores calm and hope.

Amusement has numerous beneficial effects on people’s physical and mental health. First, it helps reduce stress by decreasing muscle tension and increasing the production of endorphins, chemicals that produce a feeling of well-being and happiness. In addition, laughter helps to improve blood circulation, increasing tissue oxygenation and promoting relaxation of blood vessels.

Laughing also has beneficial effects on mental health. It helps reduce anxiety and depression by increasing the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and sleep.

In addition, laughter helps improve memory and learning, stimulating brain activity and increasing concentration.

Moreover, it allows you to bond with those who share this moment with you and it even helps develop more horizontal leadership.

Laughing as a therapeutic tool

World Laughter Day is an opportunity to promote the practice of laughing as a therapeutic tool and to raise awareness of the benefits it brings to physical and mental health. In many countries around the world, events and activities are organized to celebrate this day, such as laughter yoga sessions, comedy shows, comedy film screenings and laughter workshops.

To celebrate this day, it is important to remember that laughing is not only a natural emotion, but also a practice that can be cultivated.

Laughing is a form of medicine that we can all cultivate to improve our health and well-being. So, don’t forget to smile and laugh every day!

What about you? Are you a person who laugh a lot?

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22 thoughts on “May 7 – World Laughter Day – Why We Should Celebrate It

  1. I’d never heard of World Laughter Day but what a brilliant idea … but how sad we need a day to tell/remind us to laugh 😃

    I’ll need to see what I can do to inject laughter into my day.
    Hope you’re having a good day 💗

    1. Not too much laughing from my side today the weather has been awful and the sun is trying to shine only now…but my friend’s dog made me laugh though. Thank you Brenda!

      1. Dogs can be funny … and always full of love. Hopefully the weather improves for both of us then. Its been really humid today here

  2. Let’s hope the weather will improve. Spring here has been everything but sunny so far. I guess you had a kind of the same weather in Scotland. And yesterday, the coronation ceremony in London, I couldn’t believe it was raining so much!

  3. Dad joke alert!
    This goes back to when, I was a young teen and told to me by my uncle.

    Wanna hear a dirty joke?

    A white horse fell in the mud.

    Oh uncle, that was a groaner.

  4. I’ve always been impressed with laughter’s power to make us unable to stay angry, even if we are trying to.

  5. If you can laugh at yourself you’re bullet proof. There is no stronger form of resilience in my eyes. Had no idea there was a world laughter day. Thanks for sharing Cristiana 🙏

  6. I love this reminder, “it is important to remember that laughing is not only a natural emotion, but also a practice that can be cultivated.” Yes! Thank you for bringing forward all the positives about laughing, Cristiana!

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