Your Emotions are in Your Way

consider the moments
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   A severe negative emotion interferes with the way we see our future. It can be so bad that we forget emotions are temporary and in those moments, we strongly believe that we’ll be in that state the rest of our lives. How stupid does that sound? And still, it’s very true.

   Having a depression is the clearest example. Actually, one of the reasons a depression can last for years is because there is the strong belief that it will last forever. When there is no hope, there is no path. And without a path, there is no change. Because a depression causes a negative view about the future, one of the ways to challenge that view is to remember about the past. There surely are examples when life wasn’t that negative so we know it’s possible because we experienced it. However, there is the risk that the examples will make the condition worse because it can suggest the idea that situations like that won’t happen ever again. This differs from one person to another and from feeling to another.

   Usually, an emotion sets for us the path we should choose. If we don’t like something, we’ll find some logical reasons why we don’t like it. If we like something, we’ll find more logical reasons why we like it. Even though those emotions are triggered by some core beliefs, which basically are a bunch of automatic thoughts, the emotions can trigger additional thoughts to sustain it. This is why when we don’t feel like doing something, we find reasons not to do that thing.

   Bottom line, an emotion can stop us from doing things. We sometimes need it, but sometimes it’s a big blocker especially when it’s about strong negative emotions.

   What emotions are in your way?

13 thoughts on “Your Emotions are in Your Way

  1. I would counter that everyone has natural a tendency towards a particular behavioural disposition, as influenced by their individual brain biochemistry. And there are subconscious cycles (menstrual cycles, seasonal cycles, bicycles, etc) which can have an unconscious influence over the direction one takes in life. But through strong communal ties built on the foundation of love and communication, that helps us to not succumb to the bullshit mental strain, and energetic drain, of trying to balance and maintain our spiritual equilibrium.

    1. True! The nice thing about this is that we can adjust our behavior based on those subconscious cycles which are not meant to be changed. But still… some things can be changed 🙂

  2. At some point there were many: anger, self-sabotaging, self-pity, unforgiving, shut down, disconnected, lonely, lost….as far as I can remember

  3. I myself suffer from clinical major depression as well as bipolar disorder. I’ve also developed anxiety due to experiences that have taken place in the past year. I currently went through a very bad depression as well as in August where I tried to end my life I understand this completely emotions can take over your entire life if you allow them I have taken my depression turn it into a drive and I’m working on my Next book with that drive. It can be very difficult to overcome these emotions especially when you have had these types of disorders since a child. With time and a lot of practice I’ve been able to pull myself out of manybad situations. The best thing that I have done is remove myself from anything negative and in place put positive people and positive thoughts that is not to say that I still do not feel these feelings. I do feel them I express them I let them out but I do not let them control me. I questioned them, I try to make sense of them I break them apart and get to the bottom but again this took many years to learn how to do.

    1. I’m very sorry about the things you had to go through, but it seems that those negative experiences brought you to a level of self-awareness you probably couldn’t achieve without them. You now stand up stronger than ever.

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