Movie Thoughts – Inside Out (2015)

Movie Thoughts   This is an interesting animation about how emotions interact inside our heads (you can find more about this movie here). It is based on a 5 Basic Emotions Model and how those emotions interact so we can experience different states. These five basic emotions are joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust. Paul Ekman and Wallace V. Friesen added a sixth emotion (Surprise) to make it more adequate for the experiences we have.

   It is interesting because we can truly see how our decisions are influenced by the emotions we feel (as “truly” as an animated movie can show).  When certain emotions are in control, we can make crazy decisions that can destroy what we’ve built until that point. It is also interesting to see how a negative emotion can be necessary for us to realize we’re on the wrong path even though another emotion has put us there.

   Another thing that got stuck in my head is that memories can be changed from an emotional point of view. Even though a certain memory is linked to a certain emotion, it can be influenced in time by our mindset and by the new experiences we accumulate in life. This might even be necessary for us to overcome some difficult aspects of our life.

   This movie clearly shows the idea that our head defines what happens around us from an emotional point of view. The same environment can be seen as pleasant because we choose to look at certain points of view or it can be seen as the nastiest crappy thing on Earth if we look at other areas.

    I found this movie to be even more interesting than “real” movies and I think we can learn a lot from it. What do you think about this movie? Have you seen it?

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  1. I fucking love that movie. Omg. What are you doing? I want to talk about this too!!!! Omg… you give me ideas to write about!!! Hahaha. I have a lot to say about this. My friends and I made up our own 5 leading emotions and named our 5 islands of our personality! So… Omg… I’m going to have to find it and post it! When I can find it…. hahaha

      1. Everything I do and know is just from watching movies and totally over analysing them. And the choices of film and television and music we decide to watch. They can be interpreted at a superficial level, or symbolically. And to interpret it as such does not negate the beauty of just enjoying the film for exactly what is in front of you. Like the cinematic experience. That is also valid.

      2. If you like over analysing film, I could give you a list of films I’d love to be able to discuss and over analyse!! Haha

      3. Funny games (the one with Naomi watts. I haven’t seen the original)
        Martyrs; the skin I live in; ex machina; splice; rise of the guardians; the nines.

      4. I’ve seen Ex Machina a while back. I’ve heard about the others, but I haven’t seen them. I hope I’ll have that pleasure 😀

      5. Ooh oh huh oooh oh! Pontypool! I loved that movie. Seriously. So much.
        And.. cannibal holocaust. Which is meta. And pretty full on. Like mum and dad (I think that’s what it’s called? It’s a British horror) that’s fucking atrocious.
        I haven’t seen Dogtooth but the concept is interesting.

      6. I mean, I haven’t seen these films in a while. But it’d be great to talk to someone about them! I have a ton of opinions about art and film and stuff. But they’re just opinions, I’m not a film critic or anything. Just a normal consumer like every one else.

      7. You could do some posts about these movies. It would be interesting for me and other people to see your views about them 😀

      8. It’s all “in the pipelines” haha. I.. just write as I feel moved to? Lol. My best writing just.. when it comes it comes. You know? Lol
        I want to just.. read tarot cards and do whatever whenever so.. I dunno. I’m just *flappy bird arms* doing whatever, whenever, however, wherever. Haha. I know I could make money off of blogging, but.. I don’t know if that’s what I want to do? Lol. I’ve got to “work on building my business… offer my services” sort of thing. So I can fund my “blah blahs” on the blogosphere. Lol
        But thank you so much for the encouragement! Chuffed as punch! 😎

  2. Also. Riley parents each have a different emotion “in charge”. The mum has sadness, the dad has anger, and the child has joy. I believe that is reflective of the nature of “men & women” and their roles in society.

    1. Yes, I noticed that. It would be interesting to see when that emotion got in charge (assuming they had Joy in charge when they were children).

      1. I think it’s because we are subject to our hormones, and each “emotion” evolves their own personality and behaviour over time. Because the emotions if the parents each look like the parents, where as Riley’s emotions havent taken on a… uniform appearance as such.

      2. I guess so. The emotions parents have are formed by life’s experience. Riley’s emotions are not there yet.

  3. I love this movie and I’ve probably seen it like 20 times lol! But yes it’s a great depiction of emotions and their influence on our thoughts and memories and that we can rebuild our mindset as well

  4. I’m glad that you mentioned the basic emotions model, since that explains the framework for Inside Out well. It’s one of my favorite movies! I think that the movie did a good job showing how emotions can interact with each other, too. Joy trying to avoid Sadness during part of the movie and change her during another part made me think of how people sometimes try to force themselves to be happy when they have pain that they need to deal with. Towards the end, Joy finally accepts Sadness, giving Riley the permission she needed to let herself experience all of her emotions.

    1. I found it very powerful and interesting that Joy accepted Sadness because that’s the moment she realized all emotions need to work together for Riley to have a great life. We need all those experiences so we can really say we LIVE!

  5. I love this movie! Funny you should mention it. I was visiting my grandkids for a few days. My grandson kept telling his mom, “You’re giving me bad memories.” She was telling him stuff like, “Pick up the toys,” “Brush your teeth,” “Time for bed.” 😂

  6. Seen this movie a million times because my oldest loves to watch the same thing over and over… love the commercial for Tripledent gum. When you have a song stuck in your head, Lord! Also loved how they showed abstract thought when they were in that white room. And cloud doubt was funny

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