All that Jazz

Many Americans are convinced that the COVID pandemic is over.  Thinking this way would be a mistake.  I know because my wife contracted the virus at some point recently and tested positive on Friday of last week.  Despite being fully vaccinated, she’s feeling quite unwell. As a result, I’ve moved into the front bedroom—the one … More All that Jazz

Breathe, Just Breathe

My 6-year-old daughter mentioned that her uncle (my brother) told her about someone who could hold his breath underwater for 22 minutes. Thinking her young sense of time must be off, I checked in with my brother. Turns out she was right – 22 minutes. Breathing is an autonomic system function. We don’t have to … More Breathe, Just Breathe

Sacred Places

I spent a good portion of this past Saturday helping my wife with her small business.  She is a master baker and makes a variety of Mediterranean breads and desserts.  Her goodies are artisanal and high-end.  She sells them each Saturday at a farmer’s market located in Boerne, Texas, a town with a large German-speaking … More Sacred Places

Community Colleges Are Helping to Transform America

Note:  This blog was originally published as an Op-Ed in the San Antonio Express-News.  I’m republishing it here today because it relates nicely with Learning to Question:  A Pedagogy of Liberation, a book I’m reading and one I wrote about in my most recent Pointless Overthinking blog. *** I am an American educator. My job … More Community Colleges Are Helping to Transform America

I’ve Been Doing Even More Thinking about Thinking

Not long ago, I wrote a piece about thinking that prompted lots of reaction.  After publishing it, my mind moved on to other topics.  Recently, though, like in the last couple of days or so, I started thinking about thinking again.  As you can probably tell, thinking is one my favorite activities.  We think for … More I’ve Been Doing Even More Thinking about Thinking

I Ate the Cookie

Several days ago, I invited my wife out for a meal at Hong Kong Harbor, a buffet-style restaurant that serves Chinese, Japanese, and Korean food. Toward the end of our time at the eatery, a waiter dropped off two fortune cookies.  I’ve gotten some really good advice and words of wisdom over the years, so … More I Ate the Cookie

The Art of Apology

The other night my two-year-old son wanted me to get a step stool out of the closet. As I was lifting it out of the storage space, he reached for it and his littlest pinky finger got pinched in the hinge that connects the sides of the ladder as it opens. Yikes! I put the … More The Art of Apology