Question of the Day – No. 510

What do you miss the most in these times of crisis?



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37 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 510

  1. Going to do therapy in person.

    And nipping in to the local store to grab an I-fancy-that-tonight dinner on the way home from the school run (now you have to do a couple of days worth of shopping and queue for ages).

    Oh, and cafes. It’s great to take the kids out for an adventure and end up worn out and hungry in a cafe to recharge!

    And while we mention it, play parks. I think the kids miss that kind of thing. Oh, and their friends. How could I forget that.

    But I must admit, being a bit of an antisocial creature sometimes, I quite like the enforced distance!

  2. Cycling. In Ireland we’re restricted to exercising within 2km radius of home and that makes a decent cycle difficult or extremely repetitive.

    I also miss the beach 😔

  3. The thing I miss most this being able to go out for a short drive in the car each afternoon. Being both blind and wheelchair-bound I find it extremely difficult not to go out at all to relieve the pressure and the tension to my condition brings. Going out in an afternoon and being able to open the car door out in the countryside and feel the fresh air and the breeze and even the rain on my face was essential to my mental health. Of course, that is not allowed now.

  4. Social gatherings; hugging and shaking hands are part of it – that’s how we greet people around here. I’m afraid we might end up not using that form of greeting ever again.

  5. My quiet time. My daughter’s time in school. Going to coffee shops. Not having to cook and clean all day every day.

  6. Taking my children to the store. They like the simple things of going to the store once a week and asking for one small item. It isn’t so much about the item, but the time we spend together. While we still have the time together, this tradition is sorely missed.

    1. “One time a week” and “one small item” – that’s a very good routine.

      Perhaps, now you may change that “asking one small item” into “doing one new thing, together”.

      1. This is a fabulous idea. We have been using this time to choose an activity to do. Each child gets a day to pick an activity to do together after dinner. We have watched a lot of Disney movies lately as a result. Always a fun time.

  7. I miss being able to drive out to a remote trail and spend the entire day alone and close to nature. While technically not forbidden, it is discouraged. They don’t want us to spread the virus to small mountain communities by using their services or risking search and rescue teams. And ironically, despite being discouraged, the trails are now suddenly full of day hikers.

    After a long and tiring hike, I’d like to stop at a small Mom and Pop restaurant to relax and have a burger and a cup of hot cocoa on my way home. That’s not happening either.

  8. I don’t think these dragons are around much longer. I was dealing with them nearly my entire life. It’s magic. Our eldests entangled with creators. All females, the males let go years ago. But they held on to evil, the dark side. They respect religion, but not creation nor men.

  9. I miss going to coffee shop and my father. He works in another city. Since the government set the large-scale social restriction policy, people can’t come in and out to another cities easily, especially for red zones area. So, I can only meet him virtually.

  10. I miss being able to run to the grocery store. In site this seems to be a mundane comment, but not being to run out to grab something with my little kids along for the trip can be difficult at times.

  11. I miss the freedom of coming and going as I please. Sounds crazy, but just being able to run in the store really quickly without worry is now a luxury I can’t afford.

    I also miss being able to travel. I realize it will a very long time before I’m able to visit family and friends that live far away because I have no plans to fly anywhere anytime soon.

    Stay safe🤗

  12. I’m missing less and less. So much of my pre-COVID19 life was a lot of chasing around for things. I like that I’ve been forced to be stiller and quieter and less into consumption.

  13. I miss how the warmth of the sun feels on my face as I take my long walks. I also miss window shopping. But most of all, I miss being in the physical company of family and friends.

  14. I miss hanging out with my friends. They were a huge aspect of my social life. Going out to eat was also a fun family experience.
    But I suppose, in the grand scheme of things, I am especially lucky right now, in that I have the privilege of staying home, having food on our table, and having money still coming in.

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