Why Write in the Age of AI?

In a comment on a recent post about learning, a person asked my opinion about new technologies called Open AI (artificial intelligence) and ChatGPT. This software is causing quite a stir in academic realms and has even made CNN and Wall Street Journal. Douglas Rushkoff, a supporter of humanity and critic of modern technologies, discussed some of the real dangers of the software, as opposed to many surface-level … Continue reading Why Write in the Age of AI?

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Leaning into Uncertainty: Embracing the Unknown in 2023

Good riddance, what a year you have been 2022. You have upended the lives of many amidst the economic uncertainty and the rising anxieties posed by inflation. You have put the world on edge as we witness citizens around the world fighting corruption in autocratic regimes for liberty, justice and equality. You have shown us the fragility and vulnerability of our precious beloved planet. We … Continue reading Leaning into Uncertainty: Embracing the Unknown in 2023

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First of all, let’s just take a moment to enjoy the aesthetic decadence of that word. It’s zippy, it’s got zest. In some ways, as we will see, it captures a greater than zero percentage of the zeitgeist. It is every bit the equal of “zozzled,” a Jazz Age term for drunk. But “zugzwang” isn’t merely a synonym for inebriation. Many of you may know … Continue reading Zugzwang

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Allow Me To Use This Space To Express My Opinion That I Have Too Many Spaces To Express My Opinions

So, as I have mentioned more often than is dignified, I have a theater company. Specifically, an online theater company we started in 2020. We did well critically in our first season, but the opposite of well in terms of making any money. We were also really bad at even breaking even. Frankly, we weren’t so hot at even running at a slight loss. The … Continue reading Allow Me To Use This Space To Express My Opinion That I Have Too Many Spaces To Express My Opinions

On the philosophy of loving and losing

Happy Sunday to my fellow bloggers and blog-lovers. In my corner of the world, it feels like summer is jussst around the corner. I’m not sure about you, but I’ve been feeling a little drained lately. There’s a pile of things pulling me in all different directions today. So in lieu of that, I’m going to share with you something that really fills my cup. … Continue reading On the philosophy of loving and losing

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A Reflection on ‘Amor Fati’

Amor Fati- The Love of Fate There is no doubt that we continue to live in uncertain times. No one quite knows where we are going and what the future holds. We exist in a liminal space of unknowing; a time of transition between worlds. It is easy to cling onto the promises of ideologies which proclaim they have the ‘right answers’ to move forward. They … Continue reading A Reflection on ‘Amor Fati’

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How To Gain a Clear Picture of Your Future Self

I haven’t been myself lately.  The unrelenting madness at work over the past couple of years has taken a toll. I decided I needed some time to clear the storm clouds that have gathered inside my mind. I realised I’d been too close to everything at work.  So, I called the doc and went on longterm stress leave. After a few weeks of playing with … Continue reading How To Gain a Clear Picture of Your Future Self

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Question of the day: Number 551

“Enlightenment is when a wave realises it is the ocean.” – Thich Nhat Hanh What does it mean to be enlightened? How would you define enlightenment? How does one attain it? I’m curious to hear your thoughts. *** You can find AP2’s personal blog here at: https://clear-air-turbulence.com You can also find him on Medium at: https://anxiouspilot2.medium.com Or on Twitter at: @AnxiousPilot Continue reading Question of the day: Number 551

What’s passed on from one generation to the next? Privilege and pilgrimage.

“the same blood that runs through my veins, ran for centuries before me, and will continue to live on after me, each generation passing down their stories, like a medicine to inspire growth. (that did, indeed, inspire growth.)“ –e.l. jayne This is an excerpt from my poem “Generations” on finding gratitude in our heritage. Did you know that there are about 7,500 generations of modern … Continue reading What’s passed on from one generation to the next? Privilege and pilgrimage.

Subtle Changes

Creamy clouds dissipate to reveal sparkling waves. Makeshift linen dresses. Vineyard horizons. Tangerine colored terraces overlook the marble sand. Salty hair. Fresh strawberries. Sun-spotted hands. And we pause for a moment. If you stare at the sand for a while, tiny grains of sand fall from their mounds. Out of nowhere there’s a change—unnoticeable to the naked eye. As life imitates art, I began to … Continue reading Subtle Changes

SnapDragon Speaks: On The Gentle Spirit.

Inside this chest pounds a heart so steady. Inside this head lives a brain so alive. And somewhere in between rests a spirit so gentle, even the tiniest of scratches leaves a scar. . . . How would you describe your spirit, Dear Reader? What inspires you? What shakes you to your core? (Such easy questions to answer, I know!) 🙈 We’re in this thing … Continue reading SnapDragon Speaks: On The Gentle Spirit.