Money. Pesa. Peso. Dinheiro. Geld. In whatever language you choose to refer to it, the concept of money is as fascinating as it is controversial. A seemingly inescapable aspect of human life. Its power, origins, value and everything in between, so interwined with our day-to-day lives and world order as we know it, that ambivalence towards this subject would be self-immolating. I have always been … Continue reading MAKING $ENSE OF YOUR MONEY HABITS

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The Two Paths to Wealth

I have two images of wealth in my mind.  One looks like what most people envision. A lavish lifestyle, a big plastic mansion, a luxury yacht, 8 sports cars… You get it. Then there is this second image. In this picture, there is a place called home. It’s quaint, rustic. Filled with messy, silly, somewhat annoying children. There are a lot of friends and family nearby. … Continue reading The Two Paths to Wealth


Would More Money Make You Happier?

Would more money make you happier? Let me tell you a story. Markus Persson, a Swedish 36-year-old business man, spends his time on Twitter, where he talks about his life and that of his company. One day, he twitted something that will change his life. Markus created in 2009 the video game called Minecraft, a kind of virtual Lego game that has become a social … Continue reading Would More Money Make You Happier?

9 Pieces Of Indispensable Life Advice From Your Future Self

I had an ulterior motive last week when I asked what advice you would give your former self if you could go back in time. Truthfully I’m at something of a crossroads in my own life. I have a difficult decision to make and I’m not sure what my next step should be. It got me thinking, if only my future self could come back … Continue reading 9 Pieces Of Indispensable Life Advice From Your Future Self

The Only Thing The World Needs From You

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – HOWARD THURMAN (SOURCE: THE LIVING WISDOM OF HOWARD THURMAN: A VISIONARY FOR OUR TIME) I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘what do you mean the ONLY THING the world needs from me?! The world demands EVERYTHING from me!!!’ ‘It … Continue reading The Only Thing The World Needs From You

Are we complicated or simple? A little bit of both.

Hi all, Have you thought about how humans are incredibly simple and yet complicated at the same time? I sometimes think about it. I want to put out some of my thoughts on it here. Humans are very simple in some senses. We all need the same things. Food, love, money to get by etc. In that sense, if we are fed, have family and … Continue reading Are we complicated or simple? A little bit of both.

Standards are Overrated

How often do you compare yourself with some random standards? Moreover, how is that comparison affecting you from an emotional point of view? What about from an evolutionary point of view? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think standards are bad, especially the ones regarding our health and our safety. The standards I’m referring to are the ones imposed by other people or by our … Continue reading Standards are Overrated

Money: Goal or Resource – Reblog

Unfortunately, almost daily something happens that reminds me how important money really are in this world. The car broke down? You need money to fix it. You have some guests? You need money to prepare/cook something nice for them. You need to go to a wedding? You need something to wear, you need some money for the ride and you need some money for the … Continue reading Money: Goal or Resource – Reblog

Happiness is…

Those are some very interesting dots because they represent different things for different people. For some it’s a fat bank account, for others it’s a walk into the nature. Happiness is a journey, a destination and a forbidden word. It’s everything and nothing. For some it’s sweat and pain towards something whilst for others it’s avoiding them. You see, we’re all hungry for happiness and … Continue reading Happiness is…

Time Is Money

Provided by Troy Headrick from Thinker Boy: Blog & Art *Troy Headrick is a thinker, writer, artist, educator, and adventurer who has lived in five countries.  He writes on a wide variety of subjects and has had work published in many print and online magazines, journals, newspapers, and blogs.  His autobiographical blog can be found at He is working on several book projects. * … Continue reading Time Is Money

Movie Thoughts – The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

   This movie is a movie about a stock broker who uses his skills to persuade other people in his own interest (you can find out more about it here). It’s based on the true life Jordan Belfort had in his youth.    It is really interesting to see what people are willing to do for money and with money. And don’t get me wrong, … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)

The Material Status Quo

   Thanks to theenchantedlabyrinth’s comments I’ve started to think about how we’re seeing material things as signs of how important someone is in society. Apparently, the more money and possessions someone has, the more important that person is. I believe we got this all wrong.    It is true that most successful and important people have lots of money and lots of possessions and that’s … Continue reading The Material Status Quo