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   This topic is pretty much related with Are we living in the future? When I was playing with my cat, I’ve noticed that the biggest thrill was the chase, not the catch so I’ve wondered if this can be applied to us too. Maybe us living always in the future is part of this chase? Maybe we love going for things just because we feel we’ll be happy when we’ll get those things, but in fact is just a stupid instinct? Lions love chasing their prey, but it’s because they need to and they will be happy when they get it because they know they will survive… we don’t need that. It might be related to the fact that we have that instinct and we’re not using it anymore? Why do we always want to go for the things we don’t have thinking that we’ll be happy when we get them?

   All these questions make me wonder if there is something about this we can control or it is too rooted into our basic survival instincts and we can’t do anything about it. If we can go over fear which is another basic survival instinct, I think we can go over this one too. How can we do it? It’s a complicated question because the chase starts with a basic instinct, but it’s maintained by our conscious thoughts and we think that we’ll be happy when we’re going to get the things we want. Most of the time, we don’t even start that chase, but the desire remains and it creates fantasies.

   Maybe because we’re so evolved, we don’t need to chase physical things. The basic instinct got in contact with our psychical needs and that’s why we’re always chasing concepts that we not even fully understand (like happiness). Maybe we’re doomed to fulfill our natural goal on this Earth while we’re always chasing for something we don’t even know what it is…

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  1. I believe that challenge, difficulty and discomfort are an essential part of life, the journey, without which we would become bored and unhappy

  2. I loved this. You know reading your article reminded me of a poem I read as a child that said that happiness is like a drug and millions are chasing it. But in this mad run, they quite forget to actually live and experience happiness as it is.

    1. I love that you loved it! Thank you for reading! The thing is that people chasing happiness will never get it because happiness comes from within, not from outside.

    1. Thank you very much for sharing! I wouldn’t say it’s the opposite. I agree with your idea that we need to plan the future. However, we shouldn’t stay stuck in plans and we need to do the actions as well 🙂 And we need to check if that’s what we really want…

  3. That’s fair. We’re kind of both right. It’s not always a waste to pursue *anything,* but we do waste it on plenty of things just to have a goal. It’s a very American thing, and it has its pros and cons.

      1. Unfortunately. I’ve always wanted a book with the right decisions for everything. There’s just too many variables.

  4. I think there’s a quote that embellishes this post
    “Life is not the destination, it is the journey”
    Don’t recall from who.
    There isn’t anything that we chase that provides a bigger thrill then the chase itself.
    Education: The degree is a piece of paper, the knowledge acquired along the way, along with devoted time and effort have a longer lasting effect

    Relationship: The trill of courtship before actually dating a person have a stronger lasting effect then actually being with the person. Which is why couples hold on to those memories to help them get through rough time.

    Money: If a person is still chasing money for the purpose of holding/and retaining money and expect “Money” to bring you happiness,
    Then you should consider “living” for a change

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