63 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 420

  1. Look up at the sky every singly day at different intervals. Notice the different clouds, their shapes and densities, and the ever changing gradient of colours and to realize how fantastic it feels to be insignificant this one time.

  2. Pre-employment assessments are a joke and if a potential employer requires one, run fast and far away. I’ve taken two and failed both of them, which makes me think there’s something wrong with me.

      1. No. Just got an email that said, “Thank you for interest. Unfortunately, your perfomance on our pre-employment assessment excludes you from consideration for a position with us” or some such nonsense. It’s a bunch of bull if you ask me.

    1. Humanity or insaaniyat, what we call it in Hindi. This is the prime requirement of this time. Humanity will itself bring compassion, empathy and respect for one another.

      1. Many people are quick to judge everyone else before they stop and check themselves first. There are times the very thing you’re raising a stink about is something you do or have done yourself.

  3. I love the positivity that this question has brought to the comment section! I would probably plant the idea that “we are all one people, and as such we owe it to one another to work together, as brethren, for a better future.”

  4. That there is no God. No religion. Imagine a world without everything that religion causes: wars, injustice, homophobia, child sexual abuse, bigotry of all kinds, and the election of Trump.

    1. I’m not sure if religion alone did all of that, but I agree that many horrible things have been done in the name of religion and that’s because as long as humans are involved, selfishness appears.

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