5 Ways to Overcome your FEAR

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Words are powerful, but sometimes they are even more powerful when the person expressing them has proved over and over again how important were those ideas throughout his/her life. Because of this, I watch many YouTube videos and I recommend this to everybody because it’s a great way to surround yourself with the mindset you need in your life.

Since fear is so powerful and it is a blocker in our evolution so many times, there will always be discussions regarding it and there will be suggestions to overcome it. The below five ways are used and described by the people who successfully managed to overcome their fears.

  1. Focus on the outcome (Les Brown)
  2. Figure out the “WHY” (Tony Robbins)
  3. Define your fears (Tim Ferriss)
  4. Tell yourself “I can do it!” (Brian Tracy)
  5. Face your fear (Eric Thomas)

Have you ever tried any of these? If so, what was the impact?

19 thoughts on “5 Ways to Overcome your FEAR

  1. I’m fearful of speaking to beautiful white women with the intention of dating them. Fearful of the phrase said or unsaid, “MY DAD, MY FRIENDS, WOULD KILL ME IF I DATED A BLACK MAN!”

    1. This is interesting. If you are already thinking this, wouldn’t be better to test the hypothesis? In the worst case scenario, you’ll find out what you’ve already been thinking. But there also is an alternative, isn’t it? Things might go great, but you won;t find out until you try.

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