Top 5 Books That Changed My Mindset

Over the years I realized how different perspectives coming from different people can change our own perspective about everything, and, therefore, our life. The most important part is that we don’t even to know those people or directly interact with them, but we can interact with their perspective through their writings. Throughout my life, whenever I was in a tough place, the only thing that … Continue reading Top 5 Books That Changed My Mindset

5 Ways to Overcome your FEAR

Words are powerful, but sometimes they are even more powerful when the person expressing them has proved over and over again how important were those ideas throughout his/her life. Because of this, I watch many YouTube videos and I recommend this to everybody because it’s a great way to surround yourself with the mindset you need in your life. Since fear is so powerful and … Continue reading 5 Ways to Overcome your FEAR

Pointless (or not) Quotes

   Today I decided to let some experts talk so I put together a list of quotes that I found interesting.    “Failure is just an opportunity to start again in a smarter way.” – Henry Ford      “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill      “You should live like every action you have should become an universal … Continue reading Pointless (or not) Quotes

We’re all born with nothing?

   There is this theory I came across a few years ago during my philosophy class. The philosopher David Hume proposes the idea of tabula rasa. This theory states that when we’re born, we have nothing. No thoughts, no ideas, no opinions, no feelings, nothing. We’re just a hollow piece of meat. In our journey in this world, every person we meet and every situation … Continue reading We’re all born with nothing?