Fear – our biggest obstacle?

Fear - Our biggest obstacle   Does it happen to you that whenever you have a great idea about something, immediately your mind is filled with automatic negative thoughts about why it can’t get real? And if this happens, do you find solutions to counter the negative thoughts or you just drop the idea? If you drop the idea, I think that it’s because of the fear… fear of losing something (money, time, friends) or fear of getting embarrassed or judged.

   Fear is deeply rooted into our minds because it’s a survival instinct. You need to feel fear whenever you encounter dangerous situations so you can save yourself. Unfortunately, our minds interprets the feel of loss as a dangerous situation and that’s why it does whatever it takes so we won’t lose anything. That’s why the comfort zone is so comfortable. You can’t lose anything in there.

   You need a great constant motivation to get over that fear and pursuit whatever you want. You need to take risks of losing some things so you can get even greater ones. It’s very hard to keep a constant motivation. Usually, you get all excited at the beginning and you feel that you can get over everything to achieve your dreams, but after a few blockers, you get frustrated and disappointed. Because of that, you forget what your goal is. You need to constantly remind yourself what you want so you can find the necessary motivation everyday.

   I’m sure you heard that the true courage is to be scared and go over that, and not the lack of fear. That’s true because fear is an instinct we all have so not feeling it would be a problem. It’s just like cats start chasing mice. They can’t help themselves. It’s an instinct rooted into their core. That’s why it takes lots of courage and strength to get over an instinct.

   Is there a way around this fear? Not quite… it will always interfere with our lives, but as soon as we realize it’s a normal thing, we can prepare our “weapons” to counter it. Getting surrounded with motivational things and people is the first step. Also, we need to be ready to make mistakes. It’s the only way we can learn and develop.

   Do you think that we would be here having all the inventions we have if our ancestors weren’t ready to conquer the fear?

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