Do you know your Why?

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When I ask this question to those people around me, they reply with either “What is it?” or “You mean my hobbies?”

It is hard to see one who knows exactly what he wants to do with his life and devotes all of his energy to it. You can ask your surroundings to see if one can come up with a solid answer.

The Why is not a small hobby or something too conceptual that one can’t reach. It is simply your trueself, your purpose of existence that powers you and drives you to achieve your utmost satisfaction.

And apparently, your Why is very important. It brings passion to your work, gratitude to your daily activities and clarity to your life. It helps you stay focused. And it is a miracle.

An example of my friend’s is: “I want to be so rich that I will use money as a mean to help others.” No jokes. It is seriously his Why.

Or your Why can be as simple as: “To reach a peaceful mind and never feel negative again.”

But many of us are struggling to find the Why, in the course of not even knowing they are finding it. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “What do I want the most in my life?” or “Which career path should I choose for the rest of my life?” And then not long after, you forget that “big” question to dive into your normal day-to-day activities.

You may see it’s hard to answer that question, because you either do not know the answer, or do not want to draw a big picture that seems to be unachievable, or you do want to find it but are clueless of how to.

If you are keen on finding your Why but don’t know how to, then read on, you may be interested in my method:


Here is the recipe for you to cook your Why:

Ingredient #1: Find something new to do (or to think). Make a list of them.

Why it must be new? The answer is this simple: Old ways don’t open new doors!

If you do the same chores, repeat the same hobbies, think and talk the same way, you will never know your potential.

And “the potential” is in your future. It is not the current you. The current you is old.

We all want to develop ourselves. No?

You do not know how well you can do something new without putting it into action.

Ingredient #2: Don’t make it too difficult. Start small.

Not every one of us can do extraordinary things, but every big thing starts with small steps.

Plus, small things are easy to start, especially with those who love their comfort zone, who are introverted and who procrastinate.

Ingredient #3: Do it with persistence.

I have published an ebook for this method, named “100 new little things – A method for knowing your Why”.

Why is it 100? Of course, when you have the list of your new little things, it can be 50, 80, or 500. Just do not make it 3 or 5.

The crucial idea here is that we will have to do it in a row. Make it a regular series. Because our new things are small, we have to continue to make it happen and thrive for the unordinary.

Why is this method the right way to give a try?

It is proven that Doing new things can help you in many ways to improve yourself:

  • It is a trait of successful people
  • It helps you Overcoming your fear
  • It leads you to Learning new skills
  • It helps Improving your career path
  • It shows you the treasures of life
  • It is a method to find your freedom
  • It leads to big changes
  • It improves your creativity

You may want to read more of each of the above advantages.

Now you have a list, you will ask a question that why exactly it will lead you to your Why.

I have developed a worksheet for you to craft yours, which you can click to download.

The basic steps are:

Step 1: Do 10 or more new little things in your list.

If you don’t know which kind of new things you wanna start with, read this powerful list of examples which I’m very proud of.

Step 2: Make a journal of your own

You can use the worksheet I curated, or a diary, or an app, anything you are comfortable with.

Document new things you have tried in your journal, start with what you FEEL about that thing, where does it lead you to, and what next you are going to do after trying that thing.

If you are doubt at this journaling method, I wrote a full post of why you should keep a journal to reach your goal . Very useful.

Step 3: Anatomize your results

Write down a few things you did from your list that you enjoyed the most, for example you love #2, #8 and #15

Jotting some reasons why you love doing each of them.

Group those things into some main categories, such as Business, Music, Philosophy, Arts and Crafts, Environment, Personal development, Healthy habits, Mathematics, etc.

Till now, have you discovered anything meaningful and powerful that you would love to spend much more time on?

Have you just realized you want to continue THAT ONE THING with all your heart, because it is important for you, and that you will learn and use your best effort to make it happen?

I hope you found this helpful. Please share this link to help others find theirs, too. Wish you lots of luck on your way to the Why.

If you wanna discover more about the Why, check out my ebook “100 new little things – A method for knowing your Why”.

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  1. Yeah I know my Why, strong and solid – Make at least one person happier in this world. The more the better of course, but if someone just only one would say to me that I saved his life or made them feel much better, I changed something it means I achieved my goal. 😊😊😊

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