Focus, focus, focus

“What if I feel no emotion when I think about my goals? Does that mean I have bad goals?”   The answer to this question depends on how you are from an emotional point of view in other circumstances. This question might help: On a scale from zero (rocks don’t feel anything) to 10 (I … More Focus, focus, focus

Challenge Your Fear

   Let’s take this example so commonly used by other people to prove this point. If they use it, it’s probably real so I’m going to use it too because I’m too lazy to think about a new one. Let’s say that you are a very hard worker in your company and you have excellent … More Challenge Your Fear

The Anger Path

   Now let’s get to something spicy:    On a daily basis, what makes me angry and why?    This question can help us identify the main sources that change our mood on a daily basis. Anger is one of our basic emotions so it has a great potential to make our day worse. When … More The Anger Path

Fighting the Inside Dragons – Third Book Review

Provided by Reginald Spittle from carryoncouple    As I read Fighting the Inside Dragons, I was half a world away from Bogdan Ignat, but his book made me feel like he was sitting in my living room, sharing his wisdom in a casual, conversational way. He was sassy, sarcastic, funny, and most importantly, real.    … More Fighting the Inside Dragons – Third Book Review