Finding Yourself Without Losing Yourself: The Art of Being True To Oneself

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   One thing that has been consistent over the decades is that people are always on some kind of trip. Be it political, religious, or health (to name a few), we are all on a journey for truth and a better life.

   I wouldn’t go so far as to call these concepts fads or trends, because there are many people who are stringent about their beliefs and lifestyle choices. However, for many, they really are fads and trends. Of course, they don’t start out that way. As stated earlier, we are all on a journey; and that usually requires trying many things until we find a process that works for us as individuals. In any case, in the experimentation phase, we are afforded opportunities to expand our minds, learn more about each other–as well as ourselves, and gain a better understanding of the way things are and perhaps, should be. Those are all good things.

   On the other hand, belief systems and ideological differences can be quite divisive (especially political and religious differences). Bible thumpers have problems with spiritual people, counter cultures, and alternate lifestyles; Republicans and Democrats hate each other; normal people are envious and afraid of so called weird people (even though they’ll never admit it), traditionalists don’t like hippies. And then there are the really important differences; you know, like: 2pac or Biggie, who won the rap battle between Jay-Z and Nas (Nas won. Ether? C’mon son!), Coke or Pepsi, winter or summer; and everyone has the right answer (in their minds). It’s sometimes all fun and games, but other times, people become offended and it can escalate to violence.

Don’t Get Lost In The Divide

   If you know who you are, and you are true to your convictions, there is no reason to feel a need to choose a side or become confrontational. It is possible to stand your ground and still appreciate the perceptions of others. I can love people who are not Prince fans (I probably wouldn’t like them very much, but I could still love them).

   You don’t have to be a “social chameleon” to give others the benefit of expressing their opinions. In fact, I can’t stand the term “social chameleon” and I don’t care to be in the company of those who identify themselves as such. Those types of people usually sway with the wind and you never truly get to know who they are. Contrary to popular belief, chameleons do not change their colors to blend in or camouflage themselves for protection–only humans do that. Chameleons change colors to reflect their moods. By that rationale, a true social chameleon would be able to stand their ground even when their opinions are not shared by present company.

Express Your Beliefs Without Being Condescending

   Have you ever been the odd person out in a room full of people who have decided to make an attempt at converting you? Maybe it wasn’t a room full, maybe it was only one or two people, or perhaps a family member. I’ve been in that situation, and it isn’t fun. There are people who have given themselves the pseudo importance of being so righteous that they can not only change your life, but improve upon it. That type of person is extremely inflexible and lives in a completely black and white world–no gray. The gray area of life is very important because that it where understanding happens, even if we are in disagreement.

   No one has the right to force or shame a person into submission. It’s better to share information, lead by example, and allow others to do their own research and make their own decisions. Whether or not a person shares the same beliefs and opinions should not decide whether or not they are a good person.

Some People And Things Will Have To Go

   Currently, people are gravitating to the Keto lifestyle in droves. Some of my friends have lost weight and are now healthier since adopting this lifestyle. I think that is awesome! I had similar success years ago when I adopted the low carb lifestyle. The results of Keto will vary for each individual, as it is contingent upon what each person is willing to give up. This is true with any lifestyle change.

   As we evolve and become more conscious, it’s likely that we will no longer be as tolerant of some things as we had formerly been. We might not laugh at the same kinds jokes, go to the same places, or spend time with the same types of people–that’s a component of evolution. We become more attracted to that which elevates us, and better able to identify that which holds us back.

   Distancing ourselves from people cannot always be done as abruptly as distancing ourselves from certain foods. People have feelings–food does not. As our tastes and ideals in life change, we should not cop a “holier than thou” , “I’m better than you” attitude to the people around us. Ostracizing those who are not, or no longer aligned with who you are is counterproductive to evolution. We must be tactful in our restraint. Like attracts like, so the universe will send us people who are aligned with our beliefs, and people who will elevate us. The time will eventually come for us to be a beacon for someone else.

Be True To Yourself

   Regardless of whether you are certain that you are on the path of your destiny, or experimenting and trying to find your bag; be true to yourself and understanding of others.

   One of the greatest things about this planet is that there are so many different kinds of people, cultures, and ideas. There is always something new to see or learn, but we can only make use of that accessibility if our minds are open to the possibilities–which are endless.

   If we all make love our “trip“, the rest might be a little easier.

21 thoughts on “Finding Yourself Without Losing Yourself: The Art of Being True To Oneself

  1. When I started reading your post, I instantly thought of my ketogenic lifestyle. Including it in your examples made me relate as much. I’m still searching and changing my path, refusing to settle for less. Although satisfaction is a myth, there are various degrees of feeling you belong, or you’re being where you were meant to be. That’s the compass I go by. Thanks for the good read 🙂

  2. very outstanding and truthful post about topicality of the times. It is better to have one’s opinion expressed without imposing the same on others. That is what is required and also emphasised by you as well, Great one.

  3. Brilliant post!! And yes of course Nas won that battle hands down, unanimously😉

    Like you said we evolve and with that our penchant for who we are changes. I used to be skittish and non verbal about my beliefs, but since the birth of my babies I’m more vocal. I have to speak for them, fight for them. New convictions enhance who we are, helps us embrace who we are.
    Thanks again for the read!

  4. Thanks for the great post! Quite a bit of it felt familiar to me – in terms of the “journey” – and I agree that whether it’s just something new that we’re trying to learn, or grow / evolve as a being – it’s important to be self-aware and aware that others are likely on their own journey, path, or learning experience. There are many times when I reel in my own excitement to talk about a topic that I’m passionate about because I realize that not everyone is going to share my passion or interest in the topic. The section about expressing your beliefs in a way that is not condescending had me nodding my head in agreement.

    1. Well thank you! Most of my blogs are about these kinds of subjects. The idea is to bring us all closer together but without losing our core selves in the process. I appreciate your comment. I invite you to check out sometime!

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