64 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 264

  1. – I can’t afford it
    – it’s not safe
    – it’s against my religion
    – I’m not qualified
    – I’m not ready
    – it might be better to wait

    Me: I’m too tired

  2. I can only speak for myself since I don’t know all the details behind someone else’s excuse. For me it’s, “I didn’t have enough time to…”. Fact is though, more often than not, if I were to rearrange my priorities, there would be enough time.

      1. Honestly, probably that the thing taking up time is more enjoyable. Example: having that extra cup of coffee and a smoke (I know…nasty habit) is more enjoyable than folding and putting away the laundry.

    1. If you had the time, what would you do more? Is there a way to prioritize things so you have a little more time for your writing, as I remember being something you want to do more?

      1. Oh yes! There is a way to prioritize things so I can have more time.
        And indeed, thanks for remembering. What I would do more with the extra time is write more.
        And compose a little bit more song.

  3. I cant say this is a common one because I’m only in my own headspace but…

    even when in my mind i know how to do something or even know i can most definitely accomplish it no problem…

    If i dont feel i can accomplish it to my standards (perfect!) i wont even start or…

    When i get to a part i feel I’m incapable of perfection i simply stop!

    for how long is always the big mystery.

      1. What if I’m already extremely good at it but don’t start or stop because I know I’m better than that effort!

  4. Common is not how I prefer to think or operate so I will give one real excuse and a few that are better.

    What if I change my mind? If I try I might regret it.

    I would love to go but I have to feed my llama
    There is a pack a flesh eating zombies outside and I’m not fit enough to outrun them.
    I would love to take you dancing but Kevin Costner is teaching a class down at convention center and I’m going to learn how to dance with wolves.
    I’m waiting for it to rain.

      1. I have never watched that show. Don’t tell anyone 🤫 but I don’t like Alec Baldwin. I’m glad they made you laugh though. They just popped into my head. I might have come up with something better if I actually would have thought about it.

    1. Call a friend to feed your llama and they use him to feed your zombies.
      But for the real one, how often did it happen to do something and then change your mind and regret it?

      1. That was just real for people in general not real for me. When I want something I go after it. I would rather fall flat on my face then spend the rest of my life wondering what if. I try, I always try.

      1. “Close my eyes” and jump? LOL
        Real answer…………..well, I take a big breath and jump into the abyss of imperfection. So not too far from my first statement. My last blog post was about a very similar subject.

      1. Truly it depends on the person. For some, no. For others yes. It really depends on their ‘want to’ to motivate them to do it.

  5. the commonality is to seek/find reason(s) to create one | excuses cease when ego falls silent

      1. Generally, I try to face my fear. Sometimes it takes me some soul searching to figure out that the reason I have put something off is being scared.

  6. I forgot. If it was important you would remember or do it straight away. I figure if people forget then it’s because they didn’t want to do it.

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