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Agreeableness: The Sacrifice of Self

Agreeableness breaks down into Compassion and Politeness.  Compassionate people are the caring, loving types. They are sympathetic towards other people’s feelings and take an active interest in their friends and families lives.  Polite people are very careful with their words. They have a deep respect for authority and hate to seem pushy or impose their will on others.  On the surface agreeableness appears to be … Continue reading Agreeableness: The Sacrifice of Self

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How To Gain a Clear Picture of Your Future Self

I haven’t been myself lately.  The unrelenting madness at work over the past couple of years has taken a toll. I decided I needed some time to clear the storm clouds that have gathered inside my mind. I realised I’d been too close to everything at work.  So, I called the doc and went on longterm stress leave. After a few weeks of playing with … Continue reading How To Gain a Clear Picture of Your Future Self

Types of Ego: Which one do you have?

Hi everyone! I want to talk about the human ego because it has been occupying my mind recently. I want to discuss types of egos I have observed. Disclaimer: This is not based on psychological studies, but rather based on my observation. So, don’t take it as ultimate truth but evaluate it for yourselves and add or subtract things as you fit. First, let me … Continue reading Types of Ego: Which one do you have?

5 Reasons why people lie to themselves

Have you ever heard that saying that people lie to themselves? It’s not like someone wants to do it, but it happens automatically. How often do you think that your inner voice is lying to you? Do you still believe it? How do you know when to believe it or not? This thinking path can lead to low self-confidence. I think that this needs to … Continue reading 5 Reasons why people lie to themselves

How Powerful is Your Self-Talk?

Usually we tell ourselves whatever we want. The thing is that our repetitive conversations modify the way we think and behave. We are free to say whatever we want to ourselves, but that shouldn’t give us the permission to do it. Our self-talk influences our current and future life on several areas: similar situations trigger similar conversations that fire up similar neurons, which will create … Continue reading How Powerful is Your Self-Talk?

Know Yourself… You’re Everything You Have

Have you ever thought yourself as being an asset? Before going forward and thinking about an asset for the world, think about the fact that you are an asset for you. I know that we tend to put other first and what that does is to unconsciously send the impression that we’ll always be the last person taken into consideration. You probably noticed that self-love … Continue reading Know Yourself… You’re Everything You Have

Finding Yourself Without Losing Yourself: The Art of Being True To Oneself

Provided by Brandi from Afrologik    One thing that has been consistent over the decades is that people are always on some kind of trip. Be it political, religious, or health (to name a few), we are all on a journey for truth and a better life.    I wouldn’t go so far as to call these concepts fads or trends, because there are many … Continue reading Finding Yourself Without Losing Yourself: The Art of Being True To Oneself

The Confidence Problem.

The other day, I wrote a longer comment on a ‘Question of the Day’ post, all about confidence. So I thought I’d say a couple of more words about this… We are all familiar with classic situations where we know we MUST ‘be’ or ‘act’ confident (usually because we’re told so). Job interviews, dates, presentations blah blah blah Even though we rationally know that we’re … Continue reading The Confidence Problem.

Biological insights about Stress

   Most of us encounter stressful situations daily and we all know how this makes us think and feel, but what are the biological implications? What is stress from a biological point of view?    “Living in stress is like living in survival mode – they’re one and the same thing. A stressful situation is one in which the organism loses its normal homeostatic balance.” … Continue reading Biological insights about Stress