53 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 236

    1. Ha! Cool, a squirrel superhero. I love this question because inherent in the inclusion of a fear in a superhero’s title is the implication that their mission is to face that fear. The precise definition of courage- and courage being an archetypal trait of ‘superheros’.

  1. Good one, like you can just trick me into revealing my weakness like that. I will however offer the fact that I’m already Paranoia Man due to my endless supply of doubts, though that’s not a fear thing. If I feared uncertainty I’d be dead.


      1. Even with my endless uncertainties, fear is a point of clarity for most it is only a mater of experiencing the unpleasantness of whatever it is you fear. Occasionally these fears have deeper causes which I might have with mine, I’ll probably figure that out at some point.

        ECHO ECHO

      1. I’d have to say having a family life. The military has an joke that if you were intended to have a family, one would be issued to you. The stress of always being gone doesn’t help, and families tend to fracture under the stress. Being a cop wasn’t much better. I was small town, and that puts your kids and spouse in a bubble. Add to that the phone ringing any second and yo’re gone, and as I said, there’s not much of a life there.

  2. I’m over-hearer. I wish I didn’t hear so well that I hear everything I shouldn’t and needlessly get involved in things I don’t need to be.

    1. Thanks for this question, it really got me thinking! From my childhood to mid-20s I would have been Social Anxiety Girl. I inhabited the alternative universe of Self-Limiting Beliefs and my arch-nemeses were numerous and ubiquitous: Self-Consciousness Critter, Avoidance Aardvark and Self-Inhibition Sloth to name a few. I’ve mostly made this superhero role redundant, but when I do occasionally re-visit that universe and encounter those nemeses I’m Social Anxiety WOMAN- an emotionally matured, evolved, more emotionally skilful and courageous combatant 😊

      1. It mostly doesn’t. If I see the right sort of cluster of circles I’ll get a creeped out feeling.

  3. What fear? You mean those fleeting feelings that come and go, bus also what gender? I am my own super hero, because I vanquish stressful thoughts by questioning whether they are true or needed. “More tea vicar?”

      1. Bogdan, nice touch you have! :-))
        You know I said “single”, not “alone”. So, I would say single in a physical way. But don’t ask me this question again when I am depressed. 😀

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