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just start
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

   Today, I stumbled across the below YouTube video that reminded me of how important the first step is. How important it is to start whatever. Because we cannot get somewhere if we don’t start. Actually, I made a post a while back about this, called The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake. I consider it being a mistake because time will pass by regardless of what we do with it. Time is defined by nothing and it stops for nothing.

   If you can believe it, I’m terrified every time I’m creating a new post because I have very high self-imposed standards. This comes from my desire to provide the best content for you and I know that not all my posts can reach that standard. The thing is that I do it anyway because I can improve through practice and through the awesome feedback I receive from you.

   If you’re waiting for something to happen so you can start, I would suggest to stop waiting and to start doing. I know that you might not have the required resources to do something, but start with what you have. Even though you might not have anything else, you have some time. Use it wisely.

   All of this being said, is there anything you’re waiting for to start pursuing your dreams? If so, what?

21 thoughts on “Just Start! – Video

  1. The first step is to act upon our goals but that’s the scariest part. I want to write, write in a better way, write effectively, but I am scared mostly because English is my second language and I need to practice more to convey my thoughts.

  2. Great post. I especially love what you wrote about time passing by regardless of what you do with it. No, we can’t stop time and hopefully there’s no one out here attempting to do so. Personally, I rarely bother with time, I’m too busy doing the things I love!

  3. I’m racking my brain trying to think of what there is that I dream of doing before I die. I’m coming up with a blank. I’ve done so many awesome things and I’m happy simply doing what is set before me. If I died tomorrow, I’d die happy.

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