The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake

Money   How often have you heard the excuse I’m waiting for the right moment to do that thing? And how often that right moment changes in time so it’s always in the future? I think that the main reason here is fear and the lack of motivation.

   It never is a right moment to start pursuing our goals, but if we don’t have something that we truly want, we won’t have the required amount of motivation to get over that strong fear. I don’t think that people are lazy or they want to complain the whole time or that they want to find the negative part in everything (maybe some of them want this, but not the vast majority). Some people simply don’t have the proper mindset to pursuit something because they haven’t found that thing that they really want.

   Because of this, I think that the first step for us would be to start learning things. What kind? Well, all kind of things until we find that one domain we really like. Once we find it, it would be easier to search for more because we’ll develop that passion to know everything about it which will give us the energy. The more we know the more ideas we will have in that domain and the more we’ll want to make them real. At this point, we’ll face that fear… the fear of failing, but the good thing is that our passion might be able to give us the required kick in ass to overcome that fear. Yes, we might fail, but the great thing about passion is that we will enjoy the process, not necessary the outcome. And another great part is that we’ll learn something new if we either fail or succeed, so it all starts with learning.

   “The best investment you can make is in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn.” – Warren Buffett

14 thoughts on “The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake

  1. Failure is not to be taken lightly. It hurts and sometimes some of us never bounce back. Life is not like a box of chocolates; sometimes it’s like a battle. And an impulsive general (such as Custer) gets it all wrong.

    1. We never bounce back because we look at it in a catastrophic way instead of looking at it as a learning experience. There are people without their legs (lost in accidents) acting like winners and enjoying their lives and there are people crying because their vacation didn’t go as they wanted to. It’s all a matter of perspective which it is influenced by soooo many things. Yes, life is a battle… but who is fighting who? That might be the question…

      1. You do what’s the best for yourself and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it! “Keeping your scalp” might be the best for you! 😀

  2. Its not that its pointless to over think, its quite the opposite. It constructs far too many points, where we can’t pin point a point outside of its relation to other points. Being pointless is more of a side effect. if that makes any sense

    1. Yes, of course! It’s pointless only if it’s something that doesn’t need thinking about… But who decides this? That’s the tricky question…

    1. I’m orientated more on the psychological side. Send me an email or a message on Facebook or Twitter if you think I can help from this perspective.

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