The importance of our morning routine

   Many influencers talk about the fact that what we do in the morning is setting up our mood for the day. Our morning thoughts, our phones and our plans for the upcoming day are important factors that can create a predisposition towards a good mood or towards a bad mood.

   Our morning thoughts can be a great source of energy or a great source of draining that energy. If we tell ourselves 5 times in half an hour how tired we are or how sleepy we are, guess how we will be? Our body is listening to us. If we tell ourselves how much we hate the job we have to go to, do you think we would go to work happy? Of course, we don’t need to like that job so if it’s a problem with it, a change it might be needed in order for us to go to work with joy. Basically, if we start our day in a negative mindset, that will be the filter will use to see the upcoming events in case nothing good arrives (which will have a diminished influence due to the negative mindset).

   Simon Sinek, Mel Robbins and others suggest we should keep our phones out of the bedrooms and that we should use an alarm clock to wake up. The idea behind this is that we need some moments for us to be alone with our thoughts before we reconnect with the rest of the world. Don’t panic, they don’t talk about a long time. We can “sacrifice” 10 lousy minutes to just sit and contemplate about anything and everything, can’t we?

   It is also recommended for us to spend a few minutes to make a plan for the upcoming day so we can have some clarity in what we need to do. It is easier compared to wondering around doing what is decided for us to do by external factors. Whilst a plan is required, we need to keep ourselves flexible too just in case something appears.

   Practicing gratitude is a great way for us to start our day, along with meditation and some exercise. Oh, and also we need to have a great breakfast (which I ignore daily) because it can be a great energy booster. We kinda need food to survive and since it’s one of our basic needs, everything else we do from is based on this.

   What do you do in the first hour of each day?

79 thoughts on “The importance of our morning routine

  1. At the moment, check Twitter. That takes over an hour.

    Usually, get up, shower, breakfast, gratitude, journal, meditate, make up. Then go for a walk before sitting down to work.

      1. That works too. I get my best writing ideas when I’m in the shower and there’s no pen or paper to write them down 🙁

  2. I wake, I drink chamomile tea, make my son breakfast (up the table) and then spend a good half hour with my partner / Carer, wash dress, then my son, then I go to my iMac and study, but my thought process has to be positive, your right in what you said our brains are very clever, and our emotional well being determines our mood, so if we try to do one positive thing , then it will work along each thing you do.. I have written in my room “I am enough” which I learnt from my daughter stevie,
    Even when I take my meds through out the day I say, I will get better, not arrgghh I’m so sick! Because if I do then my mind and emotional well being will make something happen.. sorry for long reply but though it an amazing question x

    1. Awesome comment! Thank you for taking your time to share this! You have a pretty interesting morning ritual. Have it always been this way?

      1. No as I was unwell for over two years, I’m still barrelling, before that I was a working mother, unfortunately I was made ill health retired, but I’m back on to study now, I have a full time Carer, I’m very family oriented, before my mornings was getting kids to school going to my oldest child’s house (as she has her own) and making sure her well being was ok as I was all so a full time Carer, so I was constantly on the go! But my illness does not define me and does not stop me! I did get a kettle depressed which is when I found that book I said about!
        Now I have another Carer come in to give Anna a break but I’m very independent, my licence was took that was the hardest! Knowing I’m degenerative I see that as everyone is, as no one has the ability to know where they are going or when!
        I fill my life with happiness and joy, visiting my children is a blessing, and they come home for Sunday roast it’s amazing, I have six children and two grandchildren but one isn’t born yet she should be wishing a week! Another positive.
        I’m very lucky to come from nothing no family and in care yet I made my own worked my butt of and loved my job, and now studying again, to work around my illness x
        Thankyou for the interest. How about you? X

      2. In weekdays, I wake up at 4 AM and I check to see if our cats are ok. After that, I write for about 2-3 hours for this blog and for my book. After that, I go do the bathroom stuff and when I’m done, I go help my wife wake up (she hates mornings) and after she gets ready for work, we both leave the house for work 🙂

      3. That’s loverly and loverly you have a wife x your blog is amazing, I don’t know how to make my cover or the beginning look I’m not technical hah, your book may I ask what about?
        I too have wrote a book it’s with the proof at the minute, when published after (I’m a silent writer) I have an executive, I think that’s what she called, and all money goes to different proceeds, to help family’s children etc, I don’t want any of it,
        I would like to point out that if you could guide me in making my page a bit better I would certainly appreciate it as I have no clue I just know how to click the write button lol,
        And I read yours, your wife must be proud of you, I use Instagram a lot, as I make groups on wassapp different ones for 18 to 25 that are struggling with challenges in there life and one for Carer’s and parents that ones called the banter page on wassapp, but all these I found on Instagram and being ill I needed to help others it helps my recovery as well as them x you would be good, my Instagram is Zoe.miller if you wanted a peep, let me know if you can guide me to have a better front page or what ever it’s called, as I say I’m learning, but you definitely inspire me, what you write is amazing, how someone perceived it should be to learn from it, I think your amazing so I guess I’m a fan, not that I like that word, but you are my first read now xxx

      4. Thank you! You’re too kind. My book is about human mindset and how it is affecting us along with some strategies that might help us make it better.

      5. That’s amazing, I love books like that, I don’t normally read novels rather a realistic fact type help book, something to give ones thoughts a challenge, sounds amazing and il sure but it when it’s out xx

  3. What I do is wake up, take a shower, fix my bedding and have a breakfast almost every morning except the weekends that my day to sleep in with no alarms till I wake up late

  4. My first half hour of each morning is spent on the most conversation of my day! My conversation with my tea! I discuss my dreams of the previous night with it and think about all the things I want to do that day and sneak in a private conversation with my God in between. Then begins the routine of washing clothes with the radio playing some of my favorite music. I find this routine equivalent to meditation. I have been doing the same thing for the longest time and it’s therapeutic!

  5. Again you have a topic I adore, DM!
    -My morning routine begins with waking up before my children (sometimes my husband as well but the important part is when it is before my children).
    It is like clockwork really the steps I go through and it is very much like autopilot.
    -Phone is on screen time lock for the night and early morning hours (this helps me avoid it till my routine is complete)
    -Brew coffee
    -Hygiene (Don’t think this needs to be broken up into each step)
    -Get all the children’s clothes, school stuff, backpacks ect prepared.
    -make my husband and I a Morning cup of coffee (sometime he does this)
    -wake them in the Happy 😃 and enthusiastic way (my attempt at helping them start off with a good attitude)
    – help them get ready
    -refer to my lists of goals for the day
    – finally the day is begun everyone is ready and things begin to calm (like now) so I can look at my phone and begin working through my list for the day.
    ❤️🙃 great Job DM love this topic and the dialogue.

    1. Thank you! I love your routine, especially the fact that you and your husband make yourself a cup of coffee. Do you have the time in the morning to just sit and talk just the two of you?

      1. Unfortunately we don’t 😂 but we talk while we move and we keep each other on task. We served in the Army together: we worked together as friends and later as spouses. I noticed we approach our morning, children, family, each other, ect very much the same in all those areas they just adjust as time goes on and as our lives change a little (example we are now in different fields: he is still working on helicopters and I am work with Veterans and on a few projects). Our time to sit and talk just the two of us is lunch break (after eating) and at night after the bedtime routine is complete. With that said we do communicate constantly throughout the day it is just not as detailed as those other times mentioned.

      2. That’s great! I believe it is very important for the married people to have a constant communication during the day.

  6. I used to watch 10-20 minutes of news while eating breakfast and getting ready, but ditched that about 2 years ago. I realized I was starting off my day with so much negativity and I was sad, angry, and frustrated before I even got in my car to go to work. So now I check my emails, write, and network with other writers. MUCH more positive way to start the day!

  7. Interesting thoughts on the wee hours. If I succeed in getting up before my 2 and 3 year olds, I like to drink a cup of coffee and… catch up with the world on my phone. 😏😱🤫🤭

  8. I started my morning routine at the beginning of 2018, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. It is longer than an hour, but I love it. I spend time with God, write in gratitude journal, meditate, qigong, yoga and deep breathing. Make a hot drink, and listen to a motivational message. It seems quite long, but it’s such a habit now,that it goes very quickly.

      1. Definitely. I did the Facebook one for years (just went into automatic pilot) Most of the time I wasn’t even interested, addicted. I had to start unfollowing friends, just so there was less for me to see (pathetic really…) Plus I’d always wake up angry and sometimes feeling suicidal, but be fine by lunch time and for the rest of the day, until morning – cycle started over again. I had seen a few youtube videos on the power of morning rituals, and decided I had nothing to lose (well, except mindlessly scrolling through FB lol)

  9. It is good to have morning routines. I use my phone to wake up, but actually prefer my laptop for social media. So my usage is safe with ti, so to speak.

  10. I have no “true” morning routine like everyone else because my 10 month old is on a unconventional routine where he naps at 8pm and gets up at midnight…(dont know where it’s coming from, but it needs to go back)…after he fights sleep for 2hrs, I don’t get to sleep until 2:30am, (even then hoping the lite stays sleep until 8:30am)…then hubbs is up for work, he puts 3 yr old on potty and fixes breakfast for the both, and I get up cause it’s my shift all over again, I go in bathroom and thank God for a new day and tell Him how tired I am, to give me energy to get through the day(and He does). I guess that’s my routine but it could change, the 10 month old is the one in control lol

    1. I hope the second thing can set your mind towards gratitude and hope. Although, the first thing can be a mood changer too 😀

    1. I love the fact that you firstly go over your plan for the day. It is very helpful to review it with a fresh mind.

  11. Prayer, preparations and then planning.

    I like to pray first. Then I get dressed (etc), get breakfast ready for my daughter and coffee for my husband. I make the beds while they eat and then we walk her to school (10 minutes by foot and 8 with a car so we enjoy our time outdoors instead).

    I drink my coffee when I get back and use this time to blog, plan my day and chat.

    My exercise was in the morning but I have switched it to 130 daily.

    Nice post!

      1. I switched my run to later to give myself time to blog and/or read something in peace. Before I was trying to fit both in and I was behind always which made the two less enjoyable.

  12. I wake up, put on my glasses, make my bed while saying gratitudes until the bed is made, put on my hoodie, put my phone in my pocket, give my cats treats, pick up the cat food dishes and a can of cat food, fill my water bottle, go pee and brush my teeth, put the leftover cat food that my cats didn’t eat into the outdoor cat’s food bowl, rinse and refill his water bowl, walk out to the bench by the street, put on lip balm, smoke a cigarette while I check my email, go back inside, wash and refill my cats’ food bowls, give them their food bowls and check the water bottle, refill the water bottle if needed, then sit down at my PC to start my day.

  13. Hmmm… good question DM. First thing when i wake up is Praise the Lord for the life He still giving me, Alhamdulillah / Praise be to God with the soul still intact with my body. Then praying Dawn Prayer / Fajr Salah, drink a coffee, go to school and teach my favourite subject and thinking what next topic i want to write in the blog (laughing).

    And by the way DM, thank you very much for your liked on my post. Really appreciate it. Thank you. And i am so sorry that i don’t reply your like because at that time i have to commute from hospital to my house every week for checks up. So DM, have a great day for you and cheer up yourself with a smile today, ya? (smiling)

      1. Aaahh… thank you very much DM. You are so sweet, warm, and kind. You are even more sweet if you smile. Sweet like sugar, only then… the sweet smile doesn’t cause you diabetes. It cause you… happy. Like a bright morning light. (Smiling).

      1. I’ve been doing mindfulness for almost 6 years since I started DBT. If i forget for a few days in a row I can feel the fog come in. thank you for asking!

  14. These days I try to meditate (use the Insight App), the five Tibetan rejuvenating rites, I workout, have a shower… (I sometimes check for urgent messages first but try to start the day in a more positive note).

  15. During the week I sort of have my hour after the rest of the family have left for work – I have breakfast, read good blogs (such as this one), check/reply to emails, and then get ready for work. Some days I might fit in some exercise. At the weekend, I try and put myself first and go to the gym, walk, blog, read etc.
    This blog has reminded me that I used to meditate and write daily when I first got up. Not sure what happened over the years. I think that I tend to blog in the evenings now and end up going to bed late, hence getting up later in the mornings. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. It’s great if you have your hour to spend with yourself each morning. Thank you for taking your time to read and to share your insights about this! I really appreciate it! 🙂

      1. Read the newspapers and listen to the morning shlokas while I sit in the garden absorbing the sun and the sounds of the birds chirping.

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