93 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 184

      1. I tell them I write crappy articles for crappy magazines and I hate it…and that my real passion is fiction and poetry, but that they don’t pay the bills right now.

      2. Yep… but Don’t leave ur passion, keep writing regularly, for what u like, give time to yourself regularly, even if its only one hour, and one day u’ll be having a Full book ready of ur Frictional Story… God Bless… 👍😊

      3. I do. I write all day and all night…pretty sure I write in my sleep some nights. Thanks for the words of encouragement ☺️

      1. My situation feels complicated. There are parts of my story that can be a lot for another to be invited into. It feels a little stressful to overthink it. But it’s reality. So it has me thinking about what situations are worth the emotional risk and which ones are not. It is helpful that you asked the question. Encourages me to tackle it. To look at it. Figure it out. It was timely.

      2. Well, I believe it is important to identify which overthinking process is helpful and which is not. We need to work in reducing the one that it’s not.

      1. I cannot recall a strange one…I have gotten “Are you a runner?” A lot before we talk about it. Sometimes it is what someone has heard about me – if we have someone in common. I will have to start paying attention.

  1. I used to say that I manage an Olive Garden.

    This past year I either say… Nu vorbesc romana (Romanian for “I do not speak Romanian)…

    Or… if the person speakes English I say I am blessed to be a mom.

      1. Nice! Where have you moved from and what was the reason for the change?
        BTW: I live in Romania too 🙂

      2. Oh… nice! We were living in Florida when I met my husband. (I was a born/raised Floridean). Our honeymoon was here in Romania, where he was born/raised and then for seven years we dreamed of coming. We finally kissed our jobs goodbye and made the leap of faith. We are glad we did because now we live in our dream intead of always wishing.

  2. It depends on the situation. When doing general introductions, the second thing I say after my name is usually my age. Then I go into whatever we have in common that got us conversing.

    1. I’ve noticed that we usually define ourselves in society with our job. I guess it’s something we can talk about since most people have a job. A common topic, just like weather.

  3. Once a proper greeting has been said, I let the flow of the conversation determine what I say and tell… 🙂

    “Words are like spices, too many are worse than too few” Joan Aiken”

  4. I don’t even tell them my name…me and the person won’t be on a first name basis until the second time I see them…why? Because I’m so happy to be vibing with someone, I get excited lol

    1. Interesting point of view! I usually don’t even remember the name of that person until I hear it a second time, so I kinda get in the same situation lol

  5. It depends on places and situation. If in coffee shop or in a cafe, beside my name i will tell the person i have conversation with, that… i love coffee (laughing). But if in the hospital, we usually open with topic, “what sickness that make you come here?” And we share what sickness we are having and that’s really relieving someone’s heart when you ask the question because that the hidden intention to show that you are actually caring for that person. Ya? And when you see the person starting to smile, that’s… awesome!

    1. It’s interesting how the conversation starts with and because of the environment. what about you’re just randomly walking on the street?

      1. If i’m just randomly walking on the street and meet a person like you, and we happen sitting on the same bench, i would start a conversation with by introduce my name, then i start to mention the weather, and look at your reaction, if you sort of quite interested to reply the conversation, then i tell you that i come from Kuala Lumpur. Have you been to Kuala Lumpur? The weather are humid and hot there. How about weather in your country? And you see… yet, the thing we will tell second beside our name is still depends on the situation. Ya? Errr… i think so (laughing).

      1. That is usually the next thing I say when I meet someone for the first time! I have 2 – ages 4 and 2 🙂

      1. To those who’ve met my family I say, I’m ttttt’s relation, to those who haven’t met a family member,,, my age? I once told a group that they looked intimidating,,, that we are friends of the Hudsons,,,, I don’t do it very often.

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