Learn how to handle rejection – Video

   The below video is about the rejection that can occur in our career path, but I believe that some insights can apply to other aspects of our lives as well.

   Rejection sucks because of two different things. First, is the fear of rejection that can stop us from doing what we would like to do. This can be paralyzing sometimes. The second thing is that when we finally manage to go over our fear and to do what we would like to do, we might get rejected. When this happens, we might be determined to never do sh*t like this ever again. So rejection is a barrier before doing things and it can be a great source of negative feelings after doing things.

   You’ll see that lots of the people from the video say that in time we get used to it and that it will be better. If we manage to get to that point, I’m sure we’ll see it. It’s like we need a habit of getting rejected so it will be easier, right? The tough part is to get to that point.

   Here are some advices from people that did some great things in their lives.

   I’ll ask one of the questions Evan asked so: What’s the biggest rejection that you are afraid of right now? For me, the biggest rejection I’m afraid right now is for my book to be rejected by the readers.

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  1. I’ve faced countless rejections in recent years – both personal and professional. It’s never nice but all you can do is keep on going and believing in yourself. Amongst the rejections I’ve had some wonderful opportunities and they only come about if you’re prepared to put yourself out there. That said, a bit of time out to lick my wounds and repair bruised confidence has been important too.

    1. Indeed, we need to repair our bruised confidence, otherwise we might not be able to keep on going and believing in ourselves.

  2. Rejection is common for everyone. I became aggressive because of it. More confident. I approach people when they reject me and attempt to sway their opinions honestly. I’m not manipulative, just not willing to take no for an answer.

  3. I think it is determined by what is being rejected. I am able to disassociate myself from most things, because I’ve learned to let go to shit. The one thing that actually really cuts me deep though is… to be rejected by the people I love.
    I know it’s cliche. But.. I know I’m not what people call me, or think of me or what I do or what I say. So I have a very small circle of friends, and an even smaller circle of people I trust. So… depending on how close someone is to… “knowing” me, how I feel about that person… being rejected by that specific individual guts me to most.

    1. Yes, I agree here. It depends on the level of weight I give their opinions. Where they are in my circle of influence. It also hinges upon what I feel they are rejecting- me or something outside of me.

      1. Yes! However when you are an artist or writer or an entrepreneur, then essentially any rejection of your work is in essence a rejection of part of your self. The part that is so damn valuable and helpful and beneficial of one person, and it’s going to be torn apart by others.
        But to continue on down that path because you *feel it’s right* is what shows courage and strength even in the onslaught of naysayers

      2. Omg it says it right there in the article. I’m a dope. But he’s showing that he’s doing it anyway. And being upfront shows others that they can. By leading by example. Omg sorry. Lame. I didn’t mean to stuff it up.

  4. It’s true that you get used to it. When I first started my writing career, I had an article rejected and I didn’t write anything for another six months because I was afraid of the same happening. Now rejection doesn’t bother me at all.

    It’s in my personal life where I fear it most, and that generally leads me to screw things up.

  5. “Anyone can achieve their fullest potential… who we are might be predetermined, but the path we follow is always of our own choosing. We should never allow our fears or the expectations of others to set the frontiers of our destiny. Your destiny can’t be changed but, it can be challenged. Every man is born as many men and dies as a single one“. -Martin Heidegger

      1. Yes, it is. I filled out an application to be put on a waiting list for an affordable housing property that I’m going to take to the property manager tomorrow. I also, talked to another manager of 5 more properties. She emailed me applications for each of them. I will print them and fill them out as soon as I have my printer ink cartridge. And, I did an apartment search online with 22 different apartment search websites today.

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