56 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 174

      1. I’ve had my own apt before and lived alone for 10 years. I moved to Oregon to be near my granddaughter who has a chronic degenerative disease. I’m living with my sister’s family right now. I really miss being in my own place.

      2. It’s tough to see family members suffer – my dad has a lot of health issues, too – but I’m glad that you’ll be able to see her more easily. I’m staying in my city, in Washington, in part to stay close to him.

      1. I hope you’ll find the most suitable apartment for your needs soon. Environment is very important for our wellbeing.

  1. To have a house with a big backyard and a greenhouse and surrounded by a fence curved at the top so my cat couldn’t get out because the house would be near a forest or roads and i don’t want him to be eaten or killed any other way.
    Kinda accepted the fact i’m never going to get even close to “normal” so would be great to have a house to be abnormal in peace

      1. Well I just got home from a trip to London, which was occupying much of my time, energy, and focus (and anxiety lol).
        I also got out of my routine with writing and such because my husband switched from night shift to daylight and it’s been a bigger adjustment than I thought it would. So I guess I’m just trying to get back to “me.”

  2. My life is good, my wife is still happy with me after 17yrs, my kids love me…. most of the time, I work hard, make enough and I sleep good doing so.

    But life without progress is pointless so I will continue to progress, change inside and out, scenery and people.

    I will continue to grow and this is going to produce changes.

    Nevertheless, I’m not looking for any changes “from this moment on”.

    I hope that makes sense ☺️

  3. I would seriously like for my medical issues to be more manageable. This isn’t a very deep response, but my physical health is singularly the most stressful part of my life right now. I’m steeped in debt, but at least if these issues were better managed, I could be working more effectively to overcome my financial stressors. 3 months post-op so hopefully much of this will be resolved eventually, but it certainly is frustrating while it’s happening and there is only so much I can do myself to alleviate or control my symptoms.

      1. I have endometriosis and while I have undergone excision surgery for it and it’s been quiet since, I sustained a lot of damage with how it affected me. My immune system tanked completely, and I became host to various infections — C. diff among them — that may have contributed to lasting damage. Right now, I’m suffering from symptoms that implicate the long-term c. diff may have affected my kidneys (I was not treated until after a month of having it and had to renew treatment again the following month due to the first regimen of antibiotics being too short). I still have to get medically cleared in regards to post-op but finding a doctor in the specialty I need is proving to be ridiculously hard, and the hospital networks here and the reason for both failure to diagnose. I actually had to switch providers to get c diff confirmed by lab and get treatment for it. So it is tough. But I’m tough too. 🙂

  4. I want to be more focused on my recovery from mental illness. I’m putting things in place to help with that, so that should help with this goal.

  5. Nothing…. 🙂

    “Everyday on the path least traveled brings change, that change presents a challenge, mentally and physically, as to how to accept it and deal with it, determines what I am to become, generates an excitement about living a second of time and looking forward to what the next second of time brings, a day filled with adventure and mystery.” Larry “Dutch” Woller

      1. As I am not sure what my destiny is to be, therefore not sure if I am the best version of myself… 🙂 that being said, I do not dwell on it, I am what I am, following my dreams, chasing rainbows and boldly going where I have never been before… 🙂

        “I am free born and free bred, where I acknowledge no man as my superior, except for his own worth, or as my inferior, except for his own demerit.” Theodore Roosevelt

    1. It’s harder at the beginning due to the fact that you’re used to that person. In time, it will get easier. Trust yourself!

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