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  1. Deception. Lying. Because people are scared of offending or hurting people’s feelings. And then it all becomes a point of political correctness and thus nothing actually useful is addressed. It’s a fucking charade to preoccupy the ignorant

      1. I only *believe it* so so hard because of being a teacher. I have no emotional attachment to these kids, but I’m not an idiot I can see what they’re doing. And from listening to them I’m like fuck…. it’s helped me realise I need to get out of the small classroom and onto the world stage and fucking just tell everyone EVERYONE to get the fuck over themselves.
        Everyone is free to an opinion but they’re just opinions. Just like this is an opinion. You know? Opinions aren’t factual. Because truth and fact aren’t the same thing. Ugh. Semantics.

      1. Yup. But we haven’t fostered that respect in the current generation. We as a society in general, tell people that only listen to these people… But never given a forum to say what they want. Because you can petition and stuff as much as you want, it’s often too late before anything comes of it.
        Everyone is told to shut their mouths. From childhood, through to teenage years, through to adulthood. So people go to the places where they can express that freedom. Online. But with information oversaturation, who is worth even listening to? It’s.. exhausting.

      2. Partly yes. And also partly because of the temptation and allure of power. So people who may be completely corrupt know how to sell bullshit. And honest people? They’ll give you bullshit for free. So not only communication but the interpretation of the litany of information we are saturated with everywhere. Who does one trust? Usually the first prettiest branding thing they see.

      3. I totally agree with you. It’s knowing the time and the place for such matters. But… like I’ve been telling my 10 year old daughter… And she repeated what she learned to me… (I’m way too long winded) they don’t know the value of time and place, everyone just wants to have their say.
        We’re told to wait and wait and wait… to perpetuity.

  2. Me.

    I piss myself off. I see something that will make my life worse/waste my time and I am inexplicably drawn to it.

    I’m so annoyed with myself for keep doing these things. Lol.

      1. I’m not usually. I was having a really bad day and feeling like an idiot for giving someone a second chance when I should’ve known better. Excuse my rant 🙂

  3. Over-self-confidence of some people who moving against direction and asking me to give them way. In direct and figurative way.
    Overtaking on the turn, parking on handicapped places etc.

    There was one case. Young looking-intelligent woman tried to overtake me on the turn (with a small baby inside). I gave her way. What is the problem: if you give way to one, others will try overtake you by default.
    So I gave her way and pressed on the side next car hardly, (by chance it was some GL-class).

    I can’t stop doing it. I know it’s a foolish thing. But the situation when some idiot thinks he can use me it pisses me off. I can allow to do it to one but second or third would take my response.

    I have road rage chases pretty often. And I don’t love them. I am not a racer I just can’t allow to some brute to do what he wants.

    You know it’s some like D’Artagnan complex.

    Also some internet idiots who do the same. For example some big company who proposes you loyalty program via unprotected protocol. Also I don’t like android apps asking for “permissions”.

    I have separate smart phone with no sim-card, address-book, apps and browser. I use it only for web purchases. I know Big Brother will beat me all the way but it also pisses me off.

    1. Well, some people think they deserve everything, but not in a way to go for it, but for others to give it. Which is stupid…

  4. I don’t like when some well being person trolls a lover one. It looks disgusting.
    I don’t talk about office problems… It’s like when someone like Elon M trying to humiliate a small one. It’s disgusting.

    Also it’s disgusting that you cannot write even their names publicly because of immediate ban of the system. It’s like new High Caste. They scoff, rule and terminate. Not a pleasant to look at.

    1. I guess that people are afraid of the consequences of their actions and because of this, they try to run away from responsibilities as much as they can.

  5. People that call me to rant for over an hour but as soon as I start to say something about anything going on in my life suddenly have to go, urgently. I have cut a lot of people out of my life recently but it looks like a few more are about to be cut.

  6. Pain pisses me off. Bad drivers piss me off. Dishonest people. Temps below 60 degrees. Worrying about things I can’t change and realizing I’ve wasted time being pissed off.

  7. Being pissed off always seems to come from having an expectation and then not getting it. Even subconsciously.
    I’m driving to work at 9am and there’s some traffic? Yeah, that makes sense. No problems here, just turn the volume up a bit.
    But we all – supposedly – know and obey the same traffic laws. So if you really need to go to the office bathroom 2 minutes quicker and I’m peacefully driving to work, I expect you to not try to surprise an assortment of 1-ton metal beasts driven by groggy, unhappy people. Use your turn signal. Please.
    And now that you’re in front of me with so much god-awful alacrity, don’t immediately decide to slow down and figure out if you want to change lanes again. You came over here to go fast, right? I expect to have to catch up to someone with that much readiness to get to work.

    1. I totally agree with you. Yesterday I got stuck in traffic because of a stupid concert. I expect for people to use turn signal. What an unrealistic expectation…

  8. On a daily basis? That’s got to be ME! Every night I make a plan for the next day and many a times not all of the check boxes get a tick. And I get mighty angry with myself and beat myself about it constantly!!! And I end up being angry about me losing my temper all over again. And so the vicious circle traps me and I’m circling in it like a lost rat!!!

      1. Many a times it’s lack of time. Sometimes it’s daily chores that take priority. Other reasons are lack of motivation and laziness. It’s that feeling that there is always tomorrow to take care of leftovers. And there in lies the problem. I will never have enough tomorrows’ to take care of the build up of leftovers. And I know it. Yet I do it. Human frailty takes over the dream of becoming a Wonder woman!!

  9. The term full time mummy. Indicates to me that working mums only parent part time.
    Also, cold calling (especially if they interupt my important activites such as coffee drinking or reading.

    1. That is interesting. Does this happen in all areas? I mean, do you get crazy when people don’t trust you when you speak about certain things or in general?

      1. good question. It’s when they question my ability to do things by myself, or act with me as if I can’t do Something on my own. For example when I was looking for a job and my dad would send me job offers insinuating that I wasn’t searching enough. Or maybe I was overreacting because it was taking a long time for me to find a job. I Don’t know. I remember that it gave me the feeling that he didn’t trust that I was looking thouroughly. Or when a Partner suspects that I might cheat when it really isn’t Something I would do.

  10. People (narcissistic types) who feed off of other people to meet their own twisted needs: AKA abuse.
    I am ‘supposed to be’ practicing detachment and acceptance in this area. But. If I perceive that happening to someone, especially a child, it zings me out- Every. Single. Time.

    1. There are things in life we’re supposed to be “zing out” because it’s not in our best interest as a society. Something or someone needs to stop others from doing what they want if that “want” includes hurting others without any real reason.

    1. This pisses me off too. And it’s because of a horrible communication due to the lack of interest in other people’s lives.

      1. I thinks it has a lot to do with the political landscape and the way they were raised. People have to acknowledge first that they have this feeling of entitlement before it can be fixed. Most people have a particularly hard time accepting their own flaws and admitting them.

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