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  1. After having a butbof a meltdown in front of the whole class the teacher took me to the school psychology lady and every time afterwards (in that class) he asked me if it was okay if i was called in front of the blackboard (we wrote notes on the board once or twice, every student went up one after another) . It was so nice of him to ask instead of me having to hold in the anxiety attack and hide in the school bathroom for another meltdown…

  2. My great grandfather used to walk for miles with me and listen to me ramble on about absolutely nothing for hours. Poor man had the patience of a saint.

  3. My boyfriend, at the time, got an apartment, furnished it, rented a van, and drove from KS to CA to bring me, my cat, and my belongings out to KS to live in our new apt. He foot the bill for the entire thing.

  4. I had just started a new job and had to wait 5 weeks to be paid. I had no money so took some shifts handing out flyers outside tube stations in London. I earned £30 cash which was enough to get some groceries but the money was stolen. When I arrived at work the next day, I told the receptionist (who I’d only met a few days before). I was crying and she asked me what time my shift finished. It seemed an odd question but when my shift finished, her boyfriend walked in with 2 bags of groceries for me. She had called him and asked him to buy enough to get me through the week. I was utterly blown away!

  5. The nicest thing anyone has ever done for me…my new husband scooped me up out of a dismal situation, gave me a new home, a new life, and took in my two cats plus dealt with my ex (who’s still my friend) but has issues. He’s the best guy ever.

  6. My husband has supported me so much through dealing with PTSD. But another thing stands out:
    In my childhood, I had an accident and was hospitalized for several days. An EMT showed special kindness to me on the ride to the hospital and stayed with me in the ER way longer than she would have needed to stay. Perhaps she saw the kind of family I had around me (not supportive and making everything worse). She sent me a stuffed animal the next day and then came to visit me late in the afternoon on every day of my hospitalization. I remember her being there as I fell asleep each evening holding her hand.

  7. People do nice things all the time, I can’t say one situation really sticks out to me. But, I do always feel special when the coffee shop I go to recommends a new drink they think I’ll like. Adds a personal touch to the experience.

  8. Even though I didn’t really accept it at the time, the nicest thing anyone’s done for me is my now husband saying he loved me when I was at my lowest point in my long psychiatric hospital stay. This was in January of 2008. It took me till May to reciprocate him.

  9. I was having my second neck surgery in 8 months, 800 miles from home, with no family, no friends. As they were wheeling me into the operating room, I was crying my eyes out. One nurse gave me a hug and a kiss on the forehead, and promised me I’d be OK. Bless her – she made such a difference in my outlook!

  10. My husband, early in our relationship, expressed to me how much it bothered him when people mistake kindness for weakness. He said I was the kindest person he knew, but also one of the strongest. It was the first time anyone other than my parents had called me strong that I can recall.

  11. I’m a bitch so I often don’t realise the wonderful things everyone does for me. But I realise they don’t do that because they’re being “nice” they do it because they love me. And we often don’t treat the people we love the most in a consistently kind way…. I am going to write a blog post about this question and post it up in a day or two. This is a fantastic question that I cannot answer in a paragraph or sentence without context….
    But for me? A lady paid for my toilet paper. It was $4. I cried. Literally.

  12. I’m sure many people have been very kind and gone out of their way to be nice to me despite my eccentricities but one unatance that stands out happened a decade ago. The guy I intended to marry broke up with me. I was quitting my job with nothing but uncertainty to look forward to and I had had a massive fight with my folks. One day I was at the bus station late into the night with the last bus home about to leave in a few minutes. I was zoned out, too numb to care about anything. I don’t know what I was thinking but suicide was certainly on my mind that day. Suddenly out of nowhere came this man asking the whereabouts of the last bus. I was about to shoo him away when I looked up and realized he was BLIND! It hit me like a bolt of lightning! Of all the people around he found his way to me and asked me to help him get into the bus. Here was a blind man asking a directionless me to guide him! It brought me back to my senses and I helped him and myself to the bus. If it had not been for that man that night I would not have been alive today. I never saw him ever again. But every time I am at a crossroads at any point in life I find myself going back in time and thinking about that man and thanking him for finding me and helping me find myself again.

  13. I would wright about that the nicest thing when a girl proposes you romance but No, No and no! Complete balderdash.

    I think the nicest thing was when some great (in my opinion) person agreed to cooperate with me. I know it was pure luck. But all the way, it was very nice of them.
    little moments of communication with such people is such a treat.

  14. My best friend of 23 years treated me the weekend she came to visit us, even though I tried to host her. She said “we don’t get to do this, and it makes me happy; so.i hope you don’t feel a certain way about it”. She’s in the military and we don’t see each other next to nothing or talk on the phone. We had a blast that weekend though!

  15. A school friend found out that I had anxiety. He was the first I opened up to. He and his girlfriend use to group call me every night to talk because I was living alone and I used to have sleep paralyses and nightmares. We weren’t even close, hadn’t spoken in years and their concern was so unexpected. That guy has kept me alive, lol

  16. Being a stay-at-home-parent, I sometimes get this feeling of being exceptionally useless (I don’t discuss it with people). On a Sunday morning the whole house was up before me (I was doing some writing late night). My kids checked on me several times but I continued to slumber and then my husband asked me “how does it feel like being the no.1 most important person to each member of your family.” That was the best thing someone has said to me, my kids will grow up and not need me as much, too soon.

  17. All of my life, I have seemed to attract extremes. While I don’t think anyone can be defined as all good or all bad, I have endured a lot of horrible things from people — as well as being on the receiving end of selfless, beautiful behavior. To state it broadly, THE kindest thing a person has done for me is truly love me–even when it would have been so much easier not to. I have been truly loved by a few people, and when I say “truly loved” I am talking in an expansive context, and it covers many beautiful acts of love. Among these are most notably the best friend I grew up with running to my house in a snowstorm (in her slippers and pajamas) late into the night to help make sure I survived to see morning and my boyfriend staying by my bedside in the ICU after I made a major attempt on my life and trying to get me to remember who I was and how much I’m loved. Due to the circumstances, brain damage was an extreme danger, and I was comatose for a day and a half. By all accounts, he only ever left me to use the bathroom so that he would be there on the off-chance I would wake up.

    I am honored and blessed to have been loved so deeply in my life, because it is an immense, persistent reminder that the hurt I’ve endured does not ever have to be the focus. I’m actually crying while writing this but tears of joy. Thank you for reminding me of some of the greatest love I have received in my life.

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