I’m nervous vs I’m excited

   Simon Sinek talks about how important it is to label the way we feel. From the physical point of view we can experience the same things, but the difference is made by how we define that experience. For example, when we feel that our palms start to sweat, our pulse raises, our temperature raises, and our breathing increases, we can be either nervous or excited.

   It is the same physical feeling, but the way we’re labeling that feeling is defining our emotional feeling. If we say to ourselves that we’re nervous, we’ll unconsciously start to search for negative thoughts and situations. If we say to ourselves that we’re excited, we’ll unconsciously get more present to that moment and we’ll try to make the most of it. We are creating the environment so for us it’s either a hostile environment or a friendly environment, even though the environment it’s the same.

   Of course, we cannot label sadness as happiness or sh*t like that, but you get the point. For those situations when we have the same physical feeling, the difference we make in our head is the one that dictates the outcome. For example, if someone is full of energy, that person can be labeled as agitated (which can be seen as unpleasant) or as joyous. Another example somehow related is when someone asks too many questions (like me). I can be seen as suspicious (negative) or curious (positive).

   What can you label differently in your life so you’ll feel a little better?

15 thoughts on “I’m nervous vs I’m excited

  1. Did you read any of Simon Sineks books? Which one would you recommend to me? I actually read “relentless” by Tim S. Grover which is a great inspiration so far. I love to read more English books! What do you read? Any suggestions?

  2. I always say this! I don’t get nervous, I can’t think of the last time a situation made me feel that way. I get excited by the opportunity new situations present. As long as I’m prepared, there’s nothing to be nervous about!

  3. Very nice read , the central theme is one of my personal favorites as well..

    I happened to watch a very nice interview of Simon Sinek with Larry King , lot of nice insights came out of this interview as well ..

    Simon Sinek and his inspirational speeches have mesmerized me , my most recent blog talks about some life principles that emanate from the concept of WHY created by Simon ..


    Hope this spreads inspiration and motivation around

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