Welcome Max, the Awesome new member of the team

   My desire is to bring the most thoughtful posts as I can so we can have a better deeper understanding of ourselves and of the world we live in. In my daily journey through this amazing community, I came across theultimatepsyche, which is a great website about personal development and other thoughtful posts. I’ve started to follow it because it brings amazing information which I find useful.

   Max, the creator of theultimatepsyche, started to follow my blog too and we got to interact through the awesome comments he leaves on my posts and I’ve noticed we have similar mindsets. He brings a different style to the same topics and for me, this opened some doors in my mind I didn’t know I had. Because of this, I thought that he can be a great contributor to this blog and that’s why I invited him to be a part of this blog as an author and he accepted (thank God!).

   Starting with this week, Max will have a weekly post in any day that he wants and in that day, he’ll post the Question of the Day as well. Please help me welcoming Max to this community! I’m sure that his posts will be awesome and he will bring a fresh approach to our self-development journey.

13 thoughts on “Welcome Max, the Awesome new member of the team

  1. Hello, Max! I’m sure this will be even more thought provoking, in this little nook of the web. Looking forward to the experience.

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