Having a personal journal might help us

Journal   Through our daily lives we get distracted with different things so much that those things are perceived to be more real that our own thoughts and when some f*cking strong thoughts come, we might not know what to do with them and because of that our feelings are all over the place. If you ever felt like exploding because you couldn’t talk about something, you know what I mean.

   To handle them, some experts recommend to “postpone” them so we can deal them later. Apparently it works, but what if we “forget” to deal with them later? I think that keeping a journal can help with this because we would feel more relieved.

   Here are the benefits I can think of: first of all, we’ll get those thoughts out of our mind and we can view them in a different perspective. Also, writing them down “forces” us to give them a logical form. Secondly, we’ll see them out of our bodies and that thing alone creates a little sensation of freedom. Thirdly, keeping a daily journal fulfills that postponing experts talk about because we know we’ll deal with those thoughts later while writing them into our journal.

   Through writing we’ll be training our mind to give a logical shape to those thoughts which is much easier to deal with compared with some shady thoughts.

   Do you keep a journal? Why or why not?

45 thoughts on “Having a personal journal might help us

  1. I don’t keep a writing journal yet. I’ve one for art though. Whenever I feel that I’m so filled with emotions & thoughts, I grab my paints & get to work. It’s really helpful & soothing.

    1. That’s even better because words cannot fully express an idea, but I believe they are a starting point for someone that it’s not used to exteriorize the inside. Art is more complex, so it’s a better way to express our inner state! 😀

  2. I have tried to keep a bit of a journal in the past but never made it a habit (unfortunately), but I did find the process useful in looking over the day’s events and… processing them? The added benefit is that for as long as I have those files, there is a reference point to take me back to that time and remember what was good (and maybe not so good).

    Your post has prompted me to think about starting a new journal, thank you

    1. I love the fact that my post helped you! The biggest impact of a journal is the fact that it facilitates that processing of a day, but as you mentioned, it can be used for references! 😀

  3. This is my journals…music , alone time, too much alone time, (at least I know that I would be okay in jail) thats funny in a sick twisted way its a tad funny.. ok its not

    1. It might be funny if you want to. Will Smith says that he tries to find something funny in every situation and it keeps him having a positive attitude. 🙂

  4. oh yeah, and talking to myself… did you know if you give yourself your own advise it can after oh lets say years upon years of my own advise do you know what does to a person?

    1. What change would you like to have in your life? If you can express it in a more specific way, it would be easier to fully realize it.

      1. No! Those who require to ask me should know exactly how I feel without me even saying it… I am tired of saying my bit… I have nothing left to express myself yet again as an explaination of my own exisitance..in other words why do I have to explain myself yet again.. I am sure I express myself very clear after 20 years…

      2. It wasn’t about explaining yourself, but more about imagining your life if your problem wouldn’t be there. Imagine it for yourself. See yourself there.

      3. My life would be abundant to have that possibility for the first time in my life.. to grow and be happy and grow with others that think the same .. it is so easy ABC… but, for some reason its like explain that tomorrow the sun will come up and shine beautifully, then the doubt of the sun coming up over and over again… when they know it will.. I would rather walk my own path going forward if I have to explain myself yet again… time for company…

      4. I really have no idea.. and the reason i dont know is no one ever wanted to believe in something that could be i dunno… stupid crap i talk.. i have no idea.. i dont have any expectations in going forward but, it would have been nice for once to have them without my input…

      5. I don’t know if it can be done without your input because you’re the one living your life so you’re in the best place to see what it would be better for your life…

      6. I have been on a journey of my own and it really made me feel shit… i revisited areas of my past that where very hurtful, cruel, made me want to go to sleep and never wake up.. it made me feel lonely, isolated, scared, feared my own life and i felt all those things solo.. alone,.. and that has been my life since i can remember… and it still wasnt enough.. the pain of the vunrablity of loss, hurt, being treated less than human was the worst horrible feeling of my life.. but, yet i went back and felt all that and more… but, the worst thing i did it alone… again.. and that made me realise that i will never, ever, have a forfilling life without feeling that I am good enough for anything in this life and that my friend is a terrible cruel place to be… and frankly i am tired.. and i dont know anymore how i feel… because i am so scared to open myself up because i just feel not enough .. never ever going to be enough, and i am tired of that feeling of nothing


      7. I understand… and if I may, I have a suggestion: write a list with at least 10 things you would be able to do if your problem would disappear. The more specific that list it is, the easier it would be to imagine it. After that, sort that list based on the difficulty it would be for you to do it and start doing the easiest thing from that list. If you consider it would be useful for you and you do it, please let me know how you feel.

      8. I have already expressed it so many times.. im very tired… and frankly I feel like I have been beaten so many times down and left to cry on my own over and over and over… to do it all over again… like ground hog day…

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