Don’t Google Everything

Hi all, I want to talk about googling information today because I made a mistake regarding it the other day. I love technology. I think it is very helpful in a lot of ways. We should embrace it. But as with everything, it has some bad sides as well. You probably heard the warnings against looking up symptoms on Google. Why? Googling our symptoms makes … Continue reading Don’t Google Everything

Make mistakes! – Video

   “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchill    But how? What can we do to keep our enthusiasm whenever we encounter some sort of failure or when we make mistakes? How can we handle all those negative emotions like guilt and shame? I believe this is actually the key for success (in this context, I’m referring to success … Continue reading Make mistakes! – Video

The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake

   How often have you heard the excuse I’m waiting for the right moment to do that thing? And how often that right moment changes in time so it’s always in the future? I think that the main reason here is fear and the lack of motivation.    It never is a right moment to start pursuing our goals, but if we don’t have something … Continue reading The “Waiting for the right moment” Mistake