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Why I Miss My Job but Don’t Regret Leaving It

My friends, family, and former colleagues often ask me whether or not I miss flying. It’s been a year since I handed in my resignation letter and decided to divorce from a 12-year career.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have had the time to decompress following all the political upheaval I was caught up in Hong Kong.  When people ask me if I miss it, my honest … Continue reading Why I Miss My Job but Don’t Regret Leaving It

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The Surprising Benefits of Depression

No one talks about the benefits of depression, do they? No one talks about how depression might happen for a good reason.  Most people assume it’s nothing but a bad thing. A product of low courage. A cancer of the mind. And perhaps it is? When you examine depression on paper, it’s difficult to argue otherwise. I mean, I hardly need to outline the costs … Continue reading The Surprising Benefits of Depression

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The Elephant in the Cockpit

I’m going to stick my neck out today. I’m going to talk about something I’ve been avoiding for certain political and professional reasons for some time now. A topic that is close to my heart. As it turns out, aircrew are extremely reluctant to talk about mental health. On the rare occasions I’ve brought it up, I’ve seen Captains visibly squirm in their seats. They … Continue reading The Elephant in the Cockpit

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Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

The Cost of Consciousness Neuroticism is the trait associated with negative emotions. It can be broken down into the following two aspects: Volatility and Withdrawal.  Those high in withdrawal may be described as anxious, self-conscious, depressive and easily overwhelmed. Whereas those high in volatility may be described as touchy, irritable and unstable. In contrast, those low in both may be described as calm, happy, easy-going … Continue reading Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

Maintaining The Best Mental Health: A Simple Guide

 Please note this is a partnered post and may contain affiliate links. Maintaining great mental health in the modern day is becoming more and more difficult. There are so many things that can cause extreme stress and anxiety, and it’s far too easy to get swept into the tide of chaos and confusion. Thankfully, it’s more than possible to escape the mental anguish in order … Continue reading Maintaining The Best Mental Health: A Simple Guide

Empathic Cross Wires During A Manic State

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from Scherezade’s Labyrinth *trigger warning: mental health will be discussed not as judgment against the sufferer but as observation of the caretaker* Last night was rough. Really rough; so rough in fact that I still feel it the next day as I’m writing this post. Actually, last night as I was enduring, I was writing it in my head My job was to sit. … Continue reading Empathic Cross Wires During A Manic State

We’re Taking Our Thoughts WAY Too Seriously

It’s Driving Us Nuts There’s your brain, 👆 blasted to nuts. Thoughts are thoughts. No more, but thoughts. And above all, they are not yours! We take every thought with a straight face. It is the main cause of our mental imbalance. An imbalance that we can’t see, but is there. It has become very common and thus, considered to be normal. But it is not. Imagine this … Continue reading We’re Taking Our Thoughts WAY Too Seriously

A Porsche With Brakes

Being intelligently unstoppable Not to be able to stop thinking is an affliction, but we don’t realize this because almost everybody is suffering from it. — Eckhart Tolle (The thing in the image couldn’t be a Porsche, sorry ’bout that!) 1st law of motion? Does anyone recall that law? I apologize to you for bringing Physics here. But trust me, it’s beyond doubts relevant here. My first law … Continue reading A Porsche With Brakes

Physical Pain vs Mental Pain

   Which one is worse? Does it have something to do with the level of control over the trigger (or the perception over that control)? How do these two influence each other?    There are probably many factors that need to be taken into consideration for this topic and I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but let’s take this from an overall choice (if we … Continue reading Physical Pain vs Mental Pain

Video games addiction

   A while back I’ve approached the addictions topic, but not from a pathological point of view. It seems that the decision to include this video game addiction in their diseases classification (ICD), World Health Organization (WHO) provoked lots of discussions.    According to WHO, the behavior of playing video games can be defined as a “disease” if it comes with the following three characteristics: … Continue reading Video games addiction