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   Have you noticed that we’re always thinking that we’ll be happy when we’ll have “that thing”? But have you noticed that we almost never go beyond that? Like, really going beyond. Have you imagined how your life is going to be if you have “that thing” or that person? If so, for how long? A day? A month? But have you ever thought about “having” for one year or for five years? Do you think you’ll keep the enthusiasm you have now?

   I think that we’re getting stuck in the idea of having a certain thing or being with a certain person which will make our lives great, but we’re not truly thinking about how our lives are going to be after a while with that person or thing (I know I’m not thinking about that). Would we really appreciate that as we did before? Probably not. In time, we’re leaving everything to fade away. Why? Because we’re always in the pursuit for something new. That’s our nature. We can’t help ourselves.

   Maybe the solution of getting over this point is to imagine your future life after you have that thing or person. Think about it in detail. Is your life truly going to be that awesome you think now? Why do you think that?

10 thoughts on “The “Having” Point – Reblog

  1. Yes, we are always in the pursuit of our dreams or something new but the important is enjoying the journey! We get that something new that we wanted, ok, but important is to not forget to enjoy the journey of how we got that! 🙂

  2. These emotions and thoughts you mention, are the reason I cannot get along with most people. I get calm and at peace and rest when I achieve or get something I was dreaming off, I live the labor so to say, whilst those around me instigate chaos out of boredom or like you mention, simple set a new goal and chase that one.

    1. I also face the same thing. People around me tend to always look at the negative parts and they want others to agree with them. That stops evolution.

  3. Wow, this is deep. Emotions can really make us overthink. Hopefully one can pursue their dreams or goals 🙂

    1. Thank you for reading! Yes, people can pursue their dreams. The tough part sometimes is to hold on to that dream and not start chasing another, otherwise there will only be a continuous chase.

  4. We failed as humans in learning how to address and meet our internal voids/needs. We’ve been taught, told and rewarded to fulfilling our needs with “things”. As “things” hold no true value, once obtained, its false satisfying qualities crumbles.

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