The Impact of Having Expectations – Reblog

   We are very sensible especially about the things that matters for us. Because of this, we can be easily influenced. But guess what? The biggest influence comes from within, to be more precise, from our expectations. I approached this topic a year ago, but I still find it fresh and with a huge importance (the original post can be found here).    Wondering about … Continue reading The Impact of Having Expectations – Reblog

About Communication – Reblog

   The more specific I try to be in my speech, the more ambiguity I can notice in how my phrases initially try to come out. It’s interesting how something as common as language can create so many different thoughts and ideas, which can modify our behavior. Because of this, I’m reblogging my post about communication, which keeps helping me in my journey of becoming … Continue reading About Communication – Reblog

The Frustrations Bubble – Reblog

   Oh, frustrations. Sweet f*cked up frustrations. This stupid entity that stands between a happier life and us. Of course, it’s not the only one, but it’s an important one. I want to reblog a post I wrote a while back about frustrations because we cannot get rid of it. Living life would be easier without it (the original post can be found here). “Dealing … Continue reading The Frustrations Bubble – Reblog

Pointless Words – Reblog

   I remembered the first post I’ve ever written and after all this time I still resonate with it. I’ll share it with you once again and as always, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts about it (the original post can he found here)!    Words… these marvelous things that provides us the way to communicate with eachother. But I’m often thinking… how real are … Continue reading Pointless Words – Reblog