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Fear of Imperfection, AKA Atelophobia

The etymology of “atelophobia” comes from the Greek atelophobia, a word composed of atelés (meaning imperfect, incomplete) and phóbos (or fear, phobia) and it means fear of imperfection.  A large number of people suffer from atelophobia, a constant feeling of imperfection and inadequacy. Discontent with one’s own aesthetic appearance, search for a perfection that does not exist, fear of never being up to it. For … Continue reading Fear of Imperfection, AKA Atelophobia

Music – A great therapeutic tool

   Have you ever heard about music therapy? I’m sure you’ve experienced how music changes your mood or state or mind and because of this, some dudes went deep into this and they set up the bases of this new-ish type of therapy. “Music therapy is the use of music to improve clients’ quality of life . Music therapy is an evidence-based, clinical use of music … Continue reading Music – A great therapeutic tool

Movie Thoughts – Baby Driver (2017)

   This movie is about a guy that is the getaway driver for different robberies (you can find more about it here). What I found interesting about it is the fact that Baby (that’s his nickname in the movie), the driver, was addicted to music. But not addicted like you and me, more like crazy ass addicted.    The logical explanation is that he has … Continue reading Movie Thoughts – Baby Driver (2017)