Music Thoughts: Bad Wolves – Zombie

This is my first writing about a song and it probably won’t be the last. There have been a few days now since I keep listening to this song and I can’t get tired of it. I think I like it so much not for the message it’s trying to send, but for the one it sends in my behalf.

I know… it sounds very strange what I just said, but please bear with me. The part I enjoy so much is this one line: “What’s in your heeeeeaaaaad?”. I think I like it for the intensity with which it is played. That’s the intensity my thoughts always have and obviously, it’s in my head. Makes sense?

I think that we say about a song if it’s good or bad if that song resonates with us. It’s not always about the message it tries to send, but for the idea we want to express and we don’t know how. Sometimes we like a song sooo much because we feel like it being the speaker of our mind, but again, it’s not always about the message that song has, but for the message our mind puts into that song.

Maybe listening to good music has the same effect as dreams… to relax our mind by eliminating some trash we have inside.

4 thoughts on “Music Thoughts: Bad Wolves – Zombie

  1. Yes! (though I prefer the original) I love to sing, yet overthink it every time I try to open my mouth in public and my throat clamps down on itself. As a kid I watched my father and his 7 siblings singing, harmonizing beautifully. The family motto was: “if you can’t sing go sit on the porch” ….. so I always put myself there before someone else told me to go. This created zombies in my mind. Listening to Zombie recently I realized it was the perfect song to shake all these singing zombies out of my head and straight out of my mouth. I practiced and imagined throwing the negative talkers across the room with my voice. Next, I MADE myself sing it at karaoke! I’d never done karaoke before and wasn’t 100% sure any sound would come out at all ~ but sound came out, and it was fun, freeing and best of all has helped me to re-wire what I tell myself. Less overthinking = fewer zombies <3

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