Preproduction for your biopic! (Can you imagine?)

If video killed the radio star, now I wonder which movie star will shine a spotlight on your life…

Ladies and gentlemen of poignant (or pointless) overthinking! KM is back (tell your friends) and I’m riding on a decepticon. See this feather in my cap? It’s to tickle your juicy brains into seeing the story of your life through a (camera) lens.

Yes I am rambling again. I’m a kooky creative. 👍

And I’m after your story.

But K, I don’t have a story! Nobody would want to hear any of my tales.

Pish posh. I don’t know much about Abe Lincoln, but all that tree chopping sure helped prepare him for those years of vampire hunting.

We all have narratives, for story telling is how we share knowledge, dreams and experience. Even myth can be seen as allegorical journeys.

Every one of you folk are living stories. Narratives all involve imperfect people who do all sorts of stuff in various places. There you have it: characters, plot, conflict and setting!

What is missing here is theme…

Pitch it to me, baby.

You are going to share your story here.

  • As the producer, what kind of film would you make? Genre, style, big generalisations because you’re the ideas person!
  • As casting director, who is going to play you in the movie of your mind?
  • As the writer, which of your life experiences will you choose to tell? Is this plot or more character driven?
  • What is the general theme that seems to prevail in your life? Why have you chosen to share this particular story?

I’ll go first, I volunteer as tribute!

Firstly, Anna Kendrick will be the star of my screen. She’s small, sarcastic, cute and a singer. Actors are always more attractive and talented than the real folks they play.

Just another rom-com drama but my twist will be the stark contrast in cinematic styling between the way we, as the audience, view the mundane ‘nothing’ non-routine of everyday, versus the way the character sees herself in the world. (Examples: Pleasantville, Enchanted, SuckerPunch, Requiem for a Dream, Hero, or Boss Baby)

There is no actual plot… there’s desire for adventure, self development, love, friendship and personal growth! And utter frustration when we get in our own way, unconscious self sabotage.

The theme I am attempting to thread through this idea is for the individual audience member to identify with some aspect of the central character.

Life is however you see it, and what you do with it.

Now it’s your turn. Big brother is watching.

7 thoughts on “Preproduction for your biopic! (Can you imagine?)

  1. Very nice, so fun to read and I believe there is more fun to watch. May be one day? 😊 If to talk about myself, all my life from the moment I remember would freak people out if I would start to talk. But I understand that many of human went through so awful things and my story would be lost somewhere. I can say only those words that represented my past: abuse, rape, drugs, criminals, rock music, and the other words are: self creation, mindfulness, spirituality, mastering the mind. Margot Robbie is my star. 😉😉😉❤️❤️❤️ it is real criminal drama with happy never ending. 😊😉😉😉

    1. Holy moly. They make for great and popular entertainment, but tragic reality. And yet one must first be destroyed before they can self create (Gotta get that ego out of the way).
      I love your “happy never ending”, I’ve used “happy unending” myself. 😎

  2. The actor would be Leonardo DiCaprio. The story is character driven, think a lot of internal struggle to overcome past mistakes/regrets. In the vein of Get Low, Psycho, 12 Monkeys set in the early ’90s.

    The overall theme would be of self-discovery of second/third chances in a single life that is now alone with only the memory of a life spent honoring the search of meaning.

    Of course, there would be the lost love played by Charlize Theron and the old sidekick friend who comes calling played by Zack Galifianakis.

    I’m not sure how it would be made, the cinematic feel of something like an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind mixed with the grittiness of Seven.

    There’s a flop waiting to happen! Let’s start raising $$ now😜

    1. Omg, Eternal Sunshine is my favourite movie! I’m getting some “shutter island” vibes in there, too. A hunched over figure messing around with his jigsaw mosaic of memory.
      Omg, one of the scenes from the butterfly effect flashed before my minds eye. Don’t do it, Mr Smith! Don’t get your arms and legs blown off trying to chase the girl ghost! Zack decides to redecorate by filling your house with 2 ferns at a time, to see how long before you notice.

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