Do you blame others for the life you have?

do you
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Take a good look at your life. How does it look like? Why is it the way it is? Is that a reason for it to be the same in the future? Now look at your dreams. Is your daily behavior going to take you there? If so, awesome! If not, why know? When would be the right time to start adjusting your behavior so it can take you to the life you want to have?


   Yes, I’m aware about the limitations. I know that there are no money, nor the right circumstances, the right knowledge, the right people. I know that health can be a problem and that it seems the time is not enough. I know that others will judge us whatever we do because that’s how the world works. The thing is that we can either to let those circumstances define us or we can try to find ways to deal with those circumstances and do something extra for the life we want. Why? Because we have no choice. Nobody will come and try to transform our life for our own good especially if we’re not willing to do it.

   Gary Vaynerchuk makes a great point about this responsibility thing. We can either be in the driver’s seat of our lives, or we can let others control it and its direction. Is that right? No. Is it easy to take the control back? Not necessarily. There will be some hard feelings involved once those people realize they cannot control our life anymore. But in the end, is our life, not theirs.

   Which parts of your life are still controlled by other people or circumstances?

23 thoughts on “Do you blame others for the life you have?

  1. At times, I find I’m letting my self worth be controlled by others thoughts of me. And yes I know they only have as much control as I let them; but my anxiety will ravage my thoughts in those times.

  2. My life belongs in large part to my son right now. Beyond that, I identify with cutting the victim mentality. I decided years ago to stop that behavior (with a kick in the tail from a friend) and you know what? Everything I thought was holding me back is still there but I have made progress. I am more than halfway done with a college degree!

  3. I like my life, it’s great, i moved to the country where i wanted too, i live in the city where is always warm and people are kind, happy, i never let anyone decide for me, like this is no one to blame thought!

  4. Some relationships are so important to us that we let them control our life. But sometimes our past control our present which influences our future. Unfortunately, our life automatically controlled by someone.

  5. I do not blame others… I made my decisions based on my knowledge and circumstances at the time… the choices I made were mine and mine alone, no one else’s…. 🙂

    “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” Shannon L. Alder

  6. What an interesting thought… Most of MY life is made up of choices I’ve made. Sure, there are some things that could have gone better, there’s a lot that could have gone worse, but on the whole? From the standpoint of becoming an adult? I’m mostly happy with my decisions and where things are likely to go.

    1. That is an awesome approach! I guess that things can always go better, but if we’re the ones deciding where things need to go, we can feel responsible and in control. Sure, we can blame ourselves for that, but at least we can do something about it.

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