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What Drives People to Buy and Use Sustainable Products 

As you know, there is a huge gap between saying and doing when it comes to sustainable consumption habits (well, when it comes to habits in general). Most of us say we would like to be careful about what we buy, perhaps minimizing waste and the use of single-use plastic bag, or supporting only companies that show care and respect for the environment. Many of us … Continue reading What Drives People to Buy and Use Sustainable Products 

Habit Formation, Vision and Patience

Hi there, I have not been a good reader until two years ago, when I started reading more consistently and increasingly more. I have a certain ideal person to be and that ideal person is one that reads well. But I struggled with consistency when it came to reading. I would read one book fast and not read anything for months after. Two years ago, … Continue reading Habit Formation, Vision and Patience

The best habit of all

Hello on a Tuesday! I hope everyone is off to a great start for the week! We talk a lot about what the best habits are to make our lives better. ‘How do I become more productive?’, ‘How can I be happier?’ are some of the questions we hear and probably ask ourselves a lot (knowingly or subconsciously). Let’s do some brainstorming: if we were … Continue reading The best habit of all

How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

I was watching an interview with John Cleese recently and he said something that got me thinking. When asked about his creative process he said, “You cannot bully the subconscious. It simply doesn’t work.” He went on to say that his best work always happened spontaneously.  He still had a process of course, it’s just that the muse didn’t always play ball. Often the work … Continue reading How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

Patience with Self

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing good! Today’s topic is patience with personal development. It is sort of a follow-up to my post last week about forming routines. I am patient with people. If someone is misbehaving, I don’t react (warnings aside) because I know that everyone makes mistakes on their way to better themselves. Yet, I am not patient with my own development. … Continue reading Patience with Self

Life and Bad Habits

   “A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and tends to occur subconsciously.” – Wikipedia This short definition provides everything we need to know about a habit. In my opinion, the most important part is that habits tend to occur subconsciously. Because of this, I’m wondering how much control we really have over our behavior. We come up with the intent, … Continue reading Life and Bad Habits

What Strengthens Your Procrastination?

You surely noticed that sometimes it’s harder to do some things even though you’ve done the a million times before. What has changed? You are pretty much the same and the situation is also pretty much the same, so why procrastination is stronger sometimes? There are multiple reasons and all of them are related to us. Think about that even though everything seems to be … Continue reading What Strengthens Your Procrastination?

Is Social Anxiety a Habit?

   Don’t throw rotten tomatoes just because of the title. If we think about a habit, it’s nothing more than a strong neural path which have been developed and strengthened over the years. So over the years we developed a certain behavioural pattern we apply in social situations. But where does that behavioural pattern come from?    Our brain’s plasticity is at highest when we … Continue reading Is Social Anxiety a Habit?

Are we defined by our habits?

   I received this book called Daily Rituals by Mason Currey as a gift from my wife and I just read a few pages. It’s a book with the daily habits (rituals) that people like Voltaire, Mozart, Benjamin Franklin and many others had. I knew that our habits are important, but how important?    Two or three years ago I went to a seminar about … Continue reading Are we defined by our habits?