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Unlikely Learning Mates

I’ve recently discovered that there are a lot of parallels between having a new job and a new puppy. Weren’t expecting that combo? Let me explain.

Both making doing yoga in the morning hard. And both benefit from a lot of training. In some instances when they get a hold of you just right, both have sharp teeth that bite. Not to mention that both are really busy, and they come with benefits.

The good news I’ve found is that some of the same strategies work on both new jobs and puppies.

Like write it down. There’s a lot of great ideas and material that come with newness. Whether it’s a blog post, journal entry, a to-do list, or remind-me-to-never-do-this-again list, it helps to order the chaos that comes with puppies and jobs.

And that leads to the next one. Both puppies and new jobs unsettle the routine. And by unsettle I mean obliterate, but in a friendlier way. The great thing about that is that it opens an intentionality about what you want to land when it all quiets down. We’ve seen the research about how hard it is to change habits. But get a puppy and new job, and you’ve open up all sorts of opportunities to get out of the ruts that have previously held you firm.

Here’s the one that I’ve really found useful. It’s all about finding the right thing to chew on. When my mind feels too full of the new job stuff, I have to give it something else to chew on. Usually yoga or meditation. And when the puppy feels too full of energy, I give it something to chew on. Like a dog toy.

Here’s a picture of my new puppy. Not the new job. Because it’d be weird to take a picture of a new job, right?

What are the unlikely combos that have taught you something in your life?

I’ve posted a companion piece on my personal blog: Silence. I’m calling that a companion piece just because it’s just something that I haven’t experienced a lot of lately. I also post on Mondays at the Heart of the Matter blog. You can find me on Instagram and Twitter @wynneleon

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36 thoughts on “Unlikely Learning Mates

  1. Embracing the unexpected lessons from both a new job and a new puppy is a refreshing perspective.

    1. That’s a great point, VJ. You wouldn’t believe how many people have come over to see the new puppy – almost as many as came to see my babies! 🙂

      1. Yes I would, and those sleepless nights. One of our dogs would only sleep on my foot for the first week, I remember.

  2. I don’t know what it is about puppy fuzz and fur that makes me so happy. What a face! And I love the connection you’re making to ‘stuff to chew on’. Oh gosh, yes. See what you can learn from little Mr. Cooper? No better time than when you’re transitioning to a new work-world. 😉

  3. As for stuff to chew on for Cooper, I recommend Nylabone. Never rawhide. We had a puppy chew rawhide and when it was soft it went down the puppy’s throat almost choking her. We had to pull it out — yuck! As for a new job, wow! I’m sure you’ll handle the new schedule with grace and skill.

  4. Wynne, I am amazed by your amount of energy and everything you manage to do. I know your post is a bit about other things, but that is what strikes me reading all the blog posts you write in addition to everything else you do. Cute puppy by the way and enjoy your new job.

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