Fighting the Inside Dragons – Book Overview

A4We try to make some sense out of this weird brutal world. The problem is that the sense we’re making has the power to change our mindset and that’s what really matters. WE are the ones seeing the world so WE are the ones deciding how it is and we can only do it for us. Two different people can see the same life differently; therefore, what’s inside our head makes the difference.

I believe that people need to be more aware of how important the inner universe really is so I wrote a book to bring some awareness in this area, along with some tools that can help you re-gain the control over your thought process and emotions.

How satisfied are you with your life? If you believe there is room for improvement, try my book and let me know if it helped you!

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Reading a self development book is the first step towards creating the mindset you want and need to live your life at its highest potential. The second step is to apply the things you read about, otherwise you just spend your time and money for nothing.

Read, apply, become!

As I mention in the book:

Life is too short for perfection, but it is long enough for awesome mistakes!

If you want it for yourself or you want to recommend it to one of your friends, you can find it on (and other marketplaces as well) in both Kindle and Paperback formats (clicking the formats will get you there).

Grab the book, forge your weapons and fight those dragons! They have been eating your time and happiness for too long!

Click Here to grab it!

PS: Since it’s my first self-published book, please expect mistakes, but your feedback will help me get better! I’m looking forward to continue with this adventure with you!

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  1. We speak of our inner demons. Or dragons, if you will.

    Our demons are a part of us. Very often inseparable from us. But demons aren’t always evil and demons aren’t always wrong. Demons can drive us to disaster. Properly harnessed they can carry us to greatness.

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