Fighting the Inside Dragons – Third Book Review

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   As I read Fighting the Inside Dragons, I was half a world away from Bogdan Ignat, but his book made me feel like he was sitting in my living room, sharing his wisdom in a casual, conversational way. He was sassy, sarcastic, funny, and most importantly, real.

   Bogdan uses the dragon as a metaphor for our inner thoughts that keep us fearful, trapped in our comfort zone that can be anything but comforting. He instructs readers how to make swords to fight dragons, construct shields for protection and develop the armor of self-confidence.

   My favorite tool he forges is for the battle against automatic thoughts, those that trigger emotional responses. They can be tied to core beliefs, such as “Nobody cares about me.” He cautions these are powerful dragons that bare themselves in stressful situations. Fight them with counter thoughts, or reason, he urges.

   He advises readers to write down conversations between automatic thoughts (AT) and counter thoughts (CT). This excerpt shows the author’s inner debate about his book:

   AT: Why am I writing this book? It’s useless. There are so many books out there. How is this different? Why should people believe anything I say? I’ve done nothing with my life!

   CT: There are many books out there, but none of them can be exactly the same. Maybe some of the stuff I’m putting here will spark some light in the mind of one of the readers. Maybe my unique style can do this. The chance of improving someone’s life is worth all the effort.

   For this reader in Ashland, Oregon, Fighting the Inside Dragons resonated in powerful ways. It is the first book I have read that I will not archive on my Kindle app. Why? Because it is part of my armor against my dragons.

   Reginald Spittle, author

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