You made 2018 AWESOME!

Another year went by, but this year wasn’t like all the others. This year Pointless Overthinking was born and I am very proud of it. This might sound cliché-ic, but it is not just a website or a blog or whatever. YOU made it a community and I am very thankful for it. It is a blessing for me to read our comments and to interact with each and every one of you and I am very thankful you spend so much of your time here because I know that time is an unrenewable resource, which makes it the most valuable one.

I hope you will give me the honor to read your valuable insights in 2019 as well and I’m confident we will evolve together by helping each other. As you know, my desire for help pushed me to write Fighting the Inside Dragons, which is a book created to bring some insights about the power of our mind along with some strategies designed to help us get in control of it. In case you’ve missed the Christmas Gift, I’ve set other two days in which you can download the Kindle version of my book for free (1st and 2nd of January).

If you read it, don’t forget to leave your review on Amazon. It will be a huge help for me and for other fellow readers.

*Edit: It seems that Amazon played a trick on me and the book is not free today (I don’t know why) and I cannot edit it. Hopefully, the promotion will go live tomorrow. I’m so sorry for this.

Happy New Year!

you made 2018 awesome
Drawing by Adrian Serghie

20 thoughts on “You made 2018 AWESOME!

  1. Wish you a very happy new year too… Always keep sharing your thoughts… Always keep smiling…Be happy…😉😊😃😁😀🤩🤗☺️😄😎😆

  2. Congrats on the success and on writing your book, too. Sounds interesting, too. I like that statement about it being more than a website/blog, but a community, due to comments. I want that feel for my website, too, someday. I only have 81 followers on EverythingBrendenMartel.Com, my site, right now, though. I am only 7 weeks in, though. Good luck in the future and Happy New Years!

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