Self Care Practices in Order of Importance


Let’s order some self care practices in order of importance. The order will be based on what I currently think is the case (at least for me!). Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

1- Food we eat

I have recently come to realize what a big difference our diet makes in our mood, so this is my current #1 self care practice. For me, reducing my caffeine intake and increasing fruits and veggies (though I still don’t like eating them) made wonders! Food we eat helps regulate hormones and hormones, in turn, determine our moods.

2- People we talk to

I used to tell my issues to all my friends in the name of getting different opinions, but that probably caused me more issues than it helped me. First, no one will understand you fully and second, everyone will have a different suggestion based on their own experience (and not yours). So, I decided to minimize the number of people I talk to about my issues and in most cases, I only talk to God. Made wonders.

3- Time

How we spend our time is very important too! It is important to sleep enough, to go outside, to have time for reading, exercise or whatever other relaxing activity you do, and to spend time with people we love. I am putting this in #3 because I have noticed that the more I did the first two, the less I needed to depend on time as self care. Somehow, the first two heals me as I do things.

4- Affirmations

I have never been a fan of those, and they do not really work for me (unless I really change my perspective inside, but it does not go the other way). So, #4.

This is my current order of importance in self care. Do you agree, disagree? What is your order? What other self care activities or categories could I have included?


13 thoughts on “Self Care Practices in Order of Importance

  1. I like your priorities with self-care practices. I definitely agree with no. 1 healthy eating. I would put the rest on the same level of prioritization.

  2. I like your order. I’m not a fan of affirmations either, but I am a fan of taking time to pause and think with a focus on the present as it helps me to gain perspective.

  3. Good self-care practises Betul.
    I would definitely recommend Number one and don’t skip breakfast.
    Self help conversations with people who’s character traits you value and would like to have could make a positive impact.

  4. I agree these are all important. Taking things – my challenges and complaints – to God is better than sharing with everyone, for sure! I also find it’s valuable to have close community with a few people with whom I can share anything – to be fully known and loved is a beautiful thing!

    Food is also highly valuable in self-regulation. As a kid, I was diagnosed with ADHD, but was not prescribed medicine for it. The food I ate became VERY important for my self-regulation.

    Affirmation, I’m learning, does have its place. I have a few well-meaning but negative “voices in my head” on a daily basis. Reaffirming my worth and even thanking the voices for endeavoring to protect me has become a healthy practice.

    And of course, using time wisely is a major component of self-care. Agreed!

    Not sure about the order. I probably tend to shift those around, depending on circumstances.

  5. I agree totally with food and its my #1 priority right now too. I need to detox sugar from my system. it seems so easy when I write it down/say it, but trying to maintain it in an ongoing basis is more challenging. I’d say my #2 is exercise/increasing activity. I’m not sure I’ve really thought much beyond that – doing things to de-stress – looking after my plants, talking with friends/socialising and surrounding ourselves with good people/avoiding toxic people.

  6. Oh I loved your not talking to useless people. For me that’s a lifesaver. It’s so difficult to find time and free your mental space to listen to garbage that some people dish out. Having a just small miniscule tight cirvle helps. Talking to God way better.

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