Just be kind; It is not difficult


Hi everyone,

I want to talk about some acts of kindness today. Recently, I have been observing some small things that make people happy and this made me think that being kind may not be hard after all. The acts of kindness that I want to talk about today all involve reminding them that you remember them.

Say, you have a friend that you hung out a lot years ago but your communication has been minimal in the last few years. Send them a text asking them who you are and they will be happy.

Say, you have a close friend now and she is going through hard times. Make her think that you are by her. Maybe check on her regularly to let her know that. Or when she feels overwhelmed, talk to her or meet her up if you have the right conditions.

Say, someone is not that close but you know they are going hard times, ask them at times how they are doing. It may not be as frequent as a close friend, but still do it.

People do not have to be going through hard times for you to check on them. Just go through your list at times and ask people how they are doing. If you don’t have the time or energy to talk or meet, texting takes little time. Do that. These little 10 seconds of text brings in a lot of joy in other people’s lives.

If you are finding it hard to convince yourself that you can do it, ask yourself how you would feel if someone did this to you. I know I would feel happy. Maybe that will encourage you.

So, go ahead and check on some people today. There is no point in postponing good things.

Do you check in with people regularly? How do you feel when others do it? What other small acts of kindness did you notice make people happy? Let’s discuss kindness today.


46 thoughts on “Just be kind; It is not difficult

  1. If you don’t write or texting may not be your thing….just a wave to the neighbor who may be out in the yard, goes a long way for someone. I enjoy a stranger saying hello if they are out for a walk. Try to go one step further though, every time. Maybe walk over to their property if outside and spend a few minutes just to chat. One step leads to another. Press a flower in a note you give. It is a personal touch they will enjoy. Leave a baby gift on a door stoop of someone you know who is pregnant. That is a stretch….but, we have done that for our new neighbors. It brings people closer….little things….more than you realize. Touch a life and you will be touched by it yourself. Giving always blesses you greater….but do it to show God’s love to the world who desperately needs HIM!

  2. A very nice subject to think about, Betul, and thank you! I am an artist, which in this case means I also have a second job as a cook in an old-age Home. It’s very sad to see the old people go without visitors, but also I must fight the manager to get them good nutrition! They just don’t want to spend the money, but I am making progress, slowly. My suggestion for people reading this, if you can and if you want to, bring some individual fruits like oranges to a local old-people home, so the residents can enjoy some fresh fruit that doesn’t need any serving. It means a lot to them, and is so easy. Yes, you need to ask the managers permission to do this, but free food? They will be glad to receive it. Old people love to be remembered with anything kind.

  3. Some random acts of kindness I do are doing my best to become a good listener, encouraging some people who are doubting themselves, hmm house chores, etc. Haha ^v^

  4. I went to the grocery store today. When the cashier asked me how I was I told her then asked her how she was doing? I know the girls from the 4 years I’ve lived here and I can always tell when something’s amiss or they plan just don’t feel good. I’m also noticing that people are smiling with their eyes a whole lot more instead of avoiding your eyes looking away. Humans are so ideally resilient it is wonderful.

  5. Thank you for a great post. May I reblog it?

    Remembering everyone we meet is a person too is how I start trying to be kind.

    It’s a lot easier to care and give a bit extra when you aren’t just facing a shop person but are facing a person who works in a shop.

    As kllysborma said, listening and taking the extra few seconds to help out on little things.

  6. Absolutely! Being kind is infectious. You extend it to someone and it goes on and on. Those sincere little acts matters alot. And that’s what Heaven appreciates. Thanks for the reminder. Kk

  7. And being kind to others in words, actions or even thoughts, will produce a feeling of at least joy in the “giver”. I wish we all keep practicing more in being kind to other creatures (humans included) and give before we receive.

  8. This is a nice reminder, sometimes life and future aspirations come in the way and we forget to connect with people. A nice and important message 🙌

  9. Good Charlotte had it right when they talked about the little things. They often make the biggest difference. Thank you for the reminder. ♥

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