The awkward silent moments in our conversations

   Have you ever wondered what’s the reason for these silent moments we encounter while talking to someone? It’s like someone hits pause on our brain and all we can think of is What should I say now? And it’s probably the same for that person too since it takes two to have a conversation.    What’s interesting is that this is not happening with … Continue reading The awkward silent moments in our conversations

Mindful Introspection

   I often find myself full with strong feelings like anxiety or anger and even the most insignificant things can trigger an inappropriate response full of rage from my behalf. As I pointed in an older post, to get in control of my emotions I have to get in control of my thoughts. The process of monitoring and understanding our own thoughts is called introspection. … Continue reading Mindful Introspection

Overview about Emotions

   As humans, we deal with countless emotions daily and some of them can change our mood and that affects our thoughts and our behavior. To better understand why this is happening and how to control our emotions, we need to understand what triggers them.    Are we in complete control over our emotions? Not quite, but we can control our thoughts about those emotions … Continue reading Overview about Emotions