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What you understand by self-care, is to maintain your cleanness or does is sound like to have a good manicure/ pedicure or blah blah.

Self-care is not reflected by all these things, it justify that you must have a sound mind. It reflects you are healthy enough that your mind protects any unauthorized thoughts coming to your mind.


How many times it happens when we create some unpredictable thoughts and we start fantasizing something which we shouldn’t.

And yes it happens with each and every individual out there. Have you ever thought why these scenarios happen?

Yesterday I was in my office; I completed my work and was completely free. I had people to talk with me and the weather was mesmerizing. Everything was just perfect. But i felt something; something missing in me. Everything was good but somehow i was not feeling good.

At 7 pm i left my office, and started walking towards my home (my home is just walking distance away from the office).

I found that someone from my neighbor bought a dog; I started feeding her and played with her. The didi besides me started telling me that why they bought that dog.

She told me that her father really feels alone and he always sat on one place only and don’t interact with other family members. Everyone was too worried about their situation, and then someone suggest them to have a dog.

And now it’s been two and a half month with henny (dog) they are living with her. And their father actually cures himself. He have started smiling and laughing more and more and become livelier.


And this is what self-care means; not to care your body parts only but to cure your inner-self. To have positive mind and to feel good in your deep inside.

You can join your hobbies; start doing something what you like. Playing with kids, cooking, having a pet, doing meditation, eating your favorite food. Etc..!

This all will help you like no one else. Start roaming around and look around and capture the most beautiful thing you see.

Life is beautiful and you too are!

Take care of yourself; So that you take care of others



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15 thoughts on “SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH!

  1. Such an important post, lots of people dont realise that self care isn’t selfish. Yesterday I saw the quote “love a lot, trust a few, but always paddle your own canoe”. Paddle your own canoe first!

  2. Thanks alot *pointless overthinking* for posting my article here. I am glad that you are spreading these kind a motivation with others and I am a part of it too!

  3. Self care is a part of self love. The same thing related to your quote in the end of this article, how could you love others if you couldn’t love yourself?
    Thanks for sharing. Well written

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