Balance: Did you reach it yet?


Hi everyone,

Today I want to talk about something that came up a few days ago in a discussion with a friend. That something is the idea that we are all heading towards the same destination in our journey of life, no matter where we start from. Let’s materialize this a little bit.

We probably have all noticed at some point that humans are different, and many times opposite. Some people have an independent spirit while others depend on people to get by in life. Some are naturally hard-working whereas others are lazier. Some are talkative while others prefer silence.

But all are humans. This means that we must share something that makes us humans. What is it?

One answer is that our purpose in life is to hit a balance. We might have started on the ‘independence’ end of the spectrum, but we are heading towards the balance, which is ‘healthy dependence’. We might have started on the other end of the same spectrum, which is ‘extreme dependence’, but we are heading towards the same balance point. Everything we experience in life is a push towards that destination. If we started from the independent end, we will experience cases where we really need people. Maybe sickness, or a school problem we are unable to solve. Or we will need someone to listen to us during difficult times. This way, we will see that we need people. If we started from the dependent end, we will meet people who we thought were dependable but left us. This will show us that we need some independence because we may not have someone at all times.

If we are too hard-working, we are heading towards a healthy working schedule. If we are lazy, we are forced by life events to do things. This forces us to get out of our lazy nature. If we are too talkative, we will notice people not listening to us anymore and will feel the need to get into silence at times. If we are too silent, we will experience events in which we are forced to talk. Maybe someone will experience injustice and this will not sit well with us and we will speak to support this person.

Wherever we start, we will end up in a more balanced point: do when it is necessary, not more not less. Human experience then is this journey where we all set out from different villages and meet in the village at the center because this village at the center is the most festive. There, we can enjoy ourselves more than anywhere else. There we can live together harmoniously because everyone is harmonious within themselves. If harmony is inside, it will be outside. We mirror ourselves onto the world around us.

One point to keep in mind: when we are going towards that village, we should not forget that some of us may be slower walkers and so arrive later. Some others may have overslept and started later. So, there is no point in getting angry at anyone. Everyone’s journey has the same patterns but different specifics. We should be patient with ourselves and others.

Do you agree that all humans are heading towards the same direction? What is your understanding of human nature and journey? Is there anything else that unites us as humans? Let’s talk!




23 thoughts on “Balance: Did you reach it yet?

  1. We are heading towards same destination even though we choose different way to heading towards it. We can find many differences between one to another, but human nature in ourselves is the thing that make us unite and equal as a human-beings. Well written 👍

  2. I am a Libra – the scales – and have been working toward balance most of my life. I am still not there completely but have come a far distance.

  3. I sincerely hope we’re all headed the same way. Sometimes it seems as if there are people who are determined not to allow others to have a differing value system, point of view or even degree of health.
    We are all human. We love, we mourn, we laugh and cry – but so many people focus on the differences, that I don’t know how we can all reach that magical balance point.

    1. Well, I think most people experience their extreme times but calm down later in life. In later ages, we learn how to value family, friends as well as our career better. I think this is some people being slower. Maybe not everyone is guaranteed the arrival, but they come a long way. That is also something.

  4. I am not one who believes we are all alike, that we are attempting the same destination, or have a desire to. I don’t believe some people are hardworking while others not so successful are just lazy or slackers. I believe everyone has a story and rarely does the outside of them tell their story, where they came from. Some come from a place where there was no laughter, no love. They will react differently to what’s in front of them.

    1. I agree that everyone comes from a different background. I think my point was to say that we all head to the place where we are our best, our best defined as however best we can be in our conditions. So, obviously not everyone is going to be the same. But we will just be our best version. The best for me signifies consistency, as much as possible in a situation.

      1. “… our best defined as however best we can be in our condition…” yes, I agree, Betul! Thank you 💐

  5. I agree we all seem to be trying to find balance somewhere, whether that’s the work-life balance, the healthy-sugary food balance, or the ability to be comfortable dependent-independent.

    Great read!

  6. Great article. I like the idea that we all start from different villages and meet in the village at the centre because this village in the centre is the most festive. Life is a “Balancing Act” – I have written a blog about this ( and I have examined in this blog the concept of “Golden Mean” as expressed by Aristotle; this “Golden Mean” Concept is known as the “Middle Way” in Eastern Philosophy. I believe that each and every one of us has our own journey to travel and as cliche, as it may sounds, it is less about the destination and more about the journey. In my most recent blog “The Art of Being Pleasant” I share the wisdom expressed by Sadhguru, i.e. All human experience is coming from within. One of your missions in life should be to become as stable as a mountain because it is only when somebody has a very stable base that many things can happen. So, the first thing is to bring balance within yourself, so that you become available to the magic of life and go on your life journey joyfully

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