Is the number of thoughts we have related to our level of happiness?

Jealousy vs Envy
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   I was going to say intelligence instead of number of thoughts, but it’s a subject way too big to be fitted in a simple post. I’ve heard in many places that dumb people are happier. Is that true? If so, why is it true? What defines a person to be dumb? According to The School of Life (more specifically, in this video),  “in the mind of a genius we find, once more, our neglected thoughts”, so if a genius pays more attention of the thoughts he/she has, those thoughts create more thoughts about them so they have a higher number of thoughts (I think!?).

   If this is true, why the number of thoughts we have would be related with our level of happiness? Shouldn’t be the quality of our thoughts influencing this? Well, yes, but the higher the number of thoughts, the more perspective that person has about a certain situation. I think that this is why there is being told about some people that they are limited… actually, they have a limited perspective about things. A limited perspective means that they see the situation in one way thinking that it’s the only way that situation can be and they move on. A more complete person tries to see that situation from every possible angle so he/she can have a more complex vision about that situation. By doing this, the number of thoughts he/she has is higher that the number of the other people, right?

   The problem with having a more complex vision about a certain thing/situation is that you can find opposite opinions and you might not know which one to think so you wouldn’t know how to feel about that certain situation so you’ll have mixed feelings compared to the person which has only one vision, felt something and then that person moved on with his/her life. Probably having one opinion might bring the sentiment of being right and it’s a good feeling. Having multiple opinions and not knowing which one fits the best, might create a feeling of being insecure and this is a bad feeling. Maybe that’s why they say that dumb people are happier? Just because they don’t ask so many questions?

   Of course, asking questions is not a bad thing if you know how to separate the thoughts from feelings and if you have an overall objective view. This can be achieved by training your mind to treat thoughts just as they are… thoughts…  ignoring the emotional charge they have.

What’s your opinion about this?

14 thoughts on “Is the number of thoughts we have related to our level of happiness?

  1. Interesting points. It does seem that “simple” minded people are happier. It’s like they just accept life as it happens. Without all the questions. They’re not thinking and re-thinking everything that happens around them. A worry-free way to live; Keeping it simple. Simple people also don’t read a lot of extra layers into conversations and events… a yes just mean yes rather than: well it could be this, but maybe it’s really that, or maybe if… j u s t yes. Clear thought without all the noise.

    So Maybe that’s really smart! It’s more peaceful.

  2. I agree. Whenever a person is troubled by something (be it person/issue), others tend to say, “You think too much. Let nature take its course.” Or “Don’t think too much. It will get better.” Seems like generating more thoughts doesn’t do one more good huh.

  3. Although your article slapped my face so hard, I still agree with your points. Tbh, I’m kinda having complex personality (and thoughts). But, when there’re too much thoughts in my brain, I need to separate which one is important, which one is unimportant. If there’re unimportant thoughts, then leave them and just act “I really don’t care”. Well written 👍

  4. Not always. Less number of thoughts are either fully happy or fully sad whereas higher numbers, being complex yielding both perspectives, are just confused which feeling to choose. In this respect, happiness is a choice. Wonder if I sound right !

  5. There is beauty in simplicity. Simpler lives are peaceful lives. But happiness 🤔
    Interesting question !
    I am a happily thinking person 😊

  6. I think when you have what is referred to as “monkey mind” you have too many thoughts going through your mind, which is common in most people. I believe this may cause depression or at least it did in me. Being able to center and clear the mind of excessive thoughts has brought me peace and more happiness. I think the less intelligent are happier because they do not have monkey mind and do not overthink everything. Maybe they are not less intelligent?

  7. It seems to me that it’s much easier to have only one point of view on something, regardless of facts or other opinions or considerations. I don’t know if that makes people happier, or simply less conflicted.
    If you’re the sort of person that tries to look at everything from all points of view, you’re likely to learn things that may apply to other situations, AND have you investing more time in worthy thoughts or ideas, as opposed to watching “shock” programming.
    Interesting question – I will mull it over more.

  8. Well said .. The more thoughts you have, the more you are going to be drown in your minds, the more energy and time wasted, and eventually the less you are becoming happy … Thus somehow being happy is eash by doing simple things which not involved so many complicated thoughts … Yes .. Being happiness is simple … 😉

  9. I completely agree and often think about everything you mentioned in this posts. Some times I feel like how much I’ve always overthought things since I was a child is a curse in some ways but it’s a mixed bag I suppose.

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