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   This is going to be a hard to read post because most of us do not have a high level of self-confidence. We prefer to think that we are too small to make a great contribution; we think that we’re not good enough or smart enough or we are not lucky enough to make something big. I know, it’s going to sound like another motivational post, but this is not my intention. There is a direct link between our level of self-confidence and the thoughts we have to solve the problems we face.

   This is what Dr. David J. Schwartz says about the way we think in his book The Magic of Thinking Big (initial published in 1959):

“[..] When you believe in an idea, your mind will start searching for methods to make it real. [..] When you think something is impossible, your mind will start searching for reasons to demonstrate you it really is impossible. But when you truly believe that something can be done, your mind will start searching for ways to help you make it real. [..]”

   It sounds easy, doesn’t it? The problem is that when we encounter an obstacle, our mind will be challenged and negative thoughts will come through which will make us feel we can’t do the thing we want and our self-confidence drops. So what can we do to keep our self-confidence high enough to get over obstacles? The same Dr. David J. Schwartz proposes a technique with which you can create a commercial to sell yourself to yourself:

“[…] Here is how you can create your own commercial that helps you sell yourself to yourself. First, establish what your value is and what your superior abilities are. Ask yourself: ‘What are my qualities?’ Be brave when you make your description.

   Secondly, note your qualities on a piece of paper with your own words. The commercial needs to address to you. […] Talk to yourself! Be straightforward! Think at no one else besides you when you say it!

   Thirdly, say the commercial out loud in private at least once a day. It would be very helpful to do this in front of a mirror. Repeat it with determination! Feel the adrenaline.

   And last, you should read the commercial a few times a day. Read it before you need to do something that requires courage. Read it every time you feel down. Keep the piece of paper with it close to you. [..]”

   As you see, doing this will boost your self-confidence every time you feel down and a high level of self-confidence will help you find the solutions to the problems you face. Self-confidence gives you creative powers while the lack of it inhibits those powers.

What ways do you have to boost your self-confidence?

22 thoughts on “Self-Confidence

  1. Thanks for the advice! I’m a fake it till I make it kind of gal. When I’m feeling especially bad about myself though myself I try to pick out one thing about myself that I like. I do this every day until I feel more secure in who I am.

  2. I think this is why I purposely decorate my walls of my home with “art with purpose”. Positive messages surround me so when I feel I’m lacking in some area, I just have to look up and I’ll see what I need to to keep moving forward.
    My phone wallpaper even says “keep f’ing going”. I just changed it over from Deadpool surrounded by kittens, but you know. Deadpool gets the same message across. He doesn’t give up. 🤣🤣🤣

  3. Although this is a concept I’ve come across before, like many, I need reminding, so thanks for this motivation read! ✌️💚🌈

    Another good tip I’ve come across is just listing out all the things I’ve achieved despite the odds, no matter how small…they add up!

  4. Great post!
    I once read this quote that , “Whatever you want is on the opposite side of fear.”
    so, whenever I have trouble facing a situation that requires courage, I recall this quote, take a deep breath and make a go for it. And, the results have always been fruitful.

  5. I look at where I’ve been, when I thought there was no way I could make it through whatever the mess was. I did – I have survived, and grown and created new ways of living my life that I didn’t think were possible. Getting creative, meditative, taking a moment to reflect on the small victories helps me to move through most obstacles.

  6. I’ve survived this far by bouncing back, no matter what I’ve thought of myself and my ability to do my best. It really can be a struggle. I sincerely appreciate this post, thank you for this.

  7. Thanks. This sounds like something that’s very similar to the “self-fulfilling prophecy.” When we think something is possible, we take the kind of actions that make it more likely to become possible. When we think something is impossible, the exact opposite happens. The Magic of Big Thinking sounds like an interesting book.

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