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Fashion Psychology, How What You Wear May Help You

The clothes you wear do not have the only primary function of protecting you from low or high temperatures. They don’t have either the only function to make you more attractive or trendy. Clothes are also one of the most immediate forms of non-verbal communication. There are several scientific studies that demonstrate the relationship between what you wear and your brain. This means that the … Continue reading Fashion Psychology, How What You Wear May Help You

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The other night I got into a pointless argument with someone after they decided to leave a comment on one of my older posts telling me that I should have my head examined. (A fair point in retrospect.) She said that Trump is a true American unlike Biden who is a horrible person. Naturally, she went on to say the election had been rigged. Now, I should … Continue reading Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Confidence vs Arrogance

   What is the difference between these two? I would say that ego at first, but is that all? How can a confident person show confidence without being interpreted as arrogant?    Since I mentioned ego, I’d like to deep dive in this. In my opinion, a confident person knows his/hers limitations and this will allow that person to express the knowledge based on facts. … Continue reading Confidence vs Arrogance

Self-confidence vs self-esteem

   These two terms are often used to transmit the same idea about self, but in fact there are two different aspects. Self-confidence refers mostly to trust, whilst self-esteem refers to the opinion we have about ourselves. One of them can be at a high level, whilst the other one on a low level.    For example, let’s say we’re looking to buy a new … Continue reading Self-confidence vs self-esteem

The Confidence Problem.

The other day, I wrote a longer comment on a ‘Question of the Day’ post, all about confidence. So I thought I’d say a couple of more words about this… We are all familiar with classic situations where we know we MUST ‘be’ or ‘act’ confident (usually because we’re told so). Job interviews, dates, presentations blah blah blah Even though we rationally know that we’re … Continue reading The Confidence Problem.